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C11P54 – Something Else

C11P54 – Something Else published on 6 Comments on C11P54 – Something Else

It was a very exciting weekend! LeyLines was reviewed on The Strip Show Saturday Revue. Many kind remarks were said, and their criticisms are issues that I’ve noticed too and am trying to address. Always a good feeling, when somebody likes your work, and sees the same things wrong with it as you do. Couldn’t ask for a better “you’re on the right track,” than that!

Then on Sunday I went to a Meet-Up of the Denver Urban Sketching Group. I hadn’t heard of them before, until Olivia (who creates the webcomic Parmeshen and was the writer of the review!) posted about the group on Facebook. The location was the Denver Botanical Gardens, which is a lovely place, so I decided to push outside my comfort zone and go!

It was an amazing day for it, with a slight breeze and gorgeous, sunny skies. It was also a day of “small world” connections. Marilyn, the organizer, happens to be good friends with someone at the Jung Institute, who has worked with my current Jungian Analyst there. Meanwhile Olivia knows Cory and my close friend, Matthew, who creates the serialized web-fiction Border, KS, although she knows him as “Uji” through the SCA. It made the big city seem very small, all of a sudden. Maybe it’s just that, sooner or later, a lot of creative people end up swimming in the same waters.

It was especially pleasant to draw just for the sake of drawing. I so rarely do that anymore, without it attached to some project or another. Artwork has become progressively more work than art for me lately. Today’s sketches felt almost meditative, focusing on the moment’s details. The shadows, the play of light, the reflection in a still pond, the shape of the trees in the distance. It was exceptionally relaxing and pleasant. I’m glad I took a day to put aside the urgency of the comic schedule, and enjoy the simple act of putting pen to paper.

What was your weekend like? Did you have any “small world” moments? Or did you do anything that helped you reconnect with a simple pleasure you enjoy?

For the curious, here’s some of my sketches and a few photos!




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I’m glad getting out and sketching outside helped you reconnect with why you love art in the first place. Sometimes doing something completely different outside of cranking out comic pages can help refuel you for the long haul that is comics. I know I feel more refreshed art-wise if I spend a day sewing or doing things other than my comic.

And I love your sketches! I can see how calm and meditative you were that day in the scribbly lines and forms.

It’s so easy to forget to take those refuel moments. The burden of the clock is always looming, ticking down. There never feels like there’s enough time. Yet, ironically, not taking those moments can often bog down and decrease the effectiveness of one’s work. As always, it all leads back to balance.

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