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C11P52 – Then we’ll have a witness

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We’re back! March flew by and my break went both fairly well and in difficult directions I completely did not anticipate. Those of you who have been keeping up through my Patreon weekly video blogs already know everything that went down, but here’s the quick(ish) version…(Because if you’ve been reading long, you know it is rare that I can ever say anything REALLY quickly…)


– The book launch party was AMAZING! Thank you to everyone that came out to the Tattered Cover and made that event so special. It felt like such an incredible celebration. A special thanks to Mr. Parker for helping us to arrange the event. You were an exceptionally gracious host, and Cory and I were so grateful for the opportunity.

– Kickstarter books are all out the door! While there are a few rewards (mushroom avatars!) that remain, all the physical items are shipped. For those of you that have been asking, I will put the book up on the online store very soon! Just have to get my brain sorted a bit first…but we’ll talk about that farther down this blog.

– Script is fixed! I managed to resolve the issues in the script and I think chapter eleven’s story will be a LOT stronger for it!

– Several amazing and inspiring letters. A few people this past month sent me exceptionally touching and meaningful emails and notes. They have all ended up on my “inspiration wall,” which I often use to combat the whispers of my doubts and depression. Thank you so much to all of you who reached out. It is so meaningful and valuable for me to know my work has meant something to you. Thank you.


– In early March, Cory very unexpectedly and suddenly lost his job. It was a massive and scary shock to both of us. Much of our time for both Cory and I this month has been dedicated to coming to terms with this sudden change, and trying to get through the seemingly endless waves of paperwork that comes with figuring out unemployment, insurance, and just the emotional hit of a job lost. My current income is not enough to pay our bills, so if Cory has not found a new job by the end of May, I will also begin searching for new employment. I don’t know what this will mean for LeyLines or our small company. I feel like we’ve seen so much growth in our business this year, but it’s not significant enough to pull a pay check from. I don’t want to sacrifice all the momentum we’ve spent these last few years building, but at the same time, no income means no roof over our heads. I am trying to stay positive. The market is not nearly as bad as it was three years ago. Cory has more job experience he can leverage. And, at the end of the day, he was no longer happy where he was working, and it was hard to see him come home every day so demoralized. I am hoping this can become a new opportunity to find a better environment where he can put his skills to use in more engaging and fulfilling ways. Nonetheless, it’s a very scary time and my anxiety has gone from its usual level of “constant low buzz” to “shrieking panic,” which makes everything twice as hard to do. Still, we’re trying to work together, lean on each other, and do each task one step at a time until things get sorted out. Hopefully for the better.

– Script was worse than I thought, which means progress was much slower than anticipated. I had identified one problem when I went on break, but it turns out there was a lot more wrong with it than I anticipated. Almost as if fixing one problem put pressure on the other flaws, so once one issue was addressed, another one would present itself. I filled out the empty suit character with a real personality and history, only to discover a second empty suit character hiding in the mix. I brought that new personality out, only to realize that a transition scene was forcing a character to act completely irrationally in order to move along the plot. I did finally sort everything out, but it wasn’t until the very last week that I could start working on pages. As a result, buffer-wise I am very much where I started.


Even if the break didn’t go completely as planned, I’m really glad I took it. It was a huge relief not to have to try and figure out how to fix my story AND how to deal with Sudden Unemployment Fallout. A lot of events went exceptionally well, I’m relieved that the Kickstarter stuff is mostly done, and the story really, really, REALLY needed the work. I wish I’d had a little more mental space to deal with my still-lingering depressive low, but it is a little better and I’ve made a little progress. I’m not so deeply tethered in the ocean. More like…bobbing about with some bright orange floaties around each arm. Now, if I could get those anxiety sharks to circle somebody else for a while, I’d be a pretty happy clam. 🙂

What did you get up to in March?


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I graduated! Yay me!

Congratulations!! That is very exciting, and a lot of work to achieve! Do you have plans for what is next, or will you bask in a job well done for a bit?

Boyfriend and I are moving 300 miles to San Francisco, where he has a job waiting and I have excellent employment prospects. I’ve spent the last two weeks in a frantic house hunt trying to find a place that will take our rather large dog. It looks like we have a place? I’ll probably know tomorrow!

🙁 sorry to hear that Cory unexpectedly lost his job. It sounds like this will be the start of something better, but surprise bad news can be a really hard emotional blow and lead to a lot of anxiety and feelings of uncertainty. 🙁

Lots of empathy for you and yours.

It sounds like your revised script is wonderful, though! And, I’m very hopeful that Cory will find a much better job than he had before!

In the long run I’m sure this will work out for both of you, especially since Cory didn’t like his job. You’ll both end up somewhere better soon.

I got my book and I am very happy! The drawing is awesome.

In March I got a new job at a call center which is pretty great. Gonna have to adjust to working full-time again, though.

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