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C11P48 – My dear Master Auditor

C11P48 – My dear Master Auditor published on 6 Comments on C11P48 – My dear Master AuditorPurchase

It’s funny how influences will creep in without my conscious realization. I wrote Una’s dialog in this page and thought it felt familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. It wasn’t until Ananta noted that there were “Shades of Garak the tailor,” in the previous page that I realized the connection to Garak’s fond exclamation of “My dear Doctor.”

If I were to choose a spiritual adviser for Una, Garak (plain and simple) of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would probably be high on that list. So while the dialog in this page was not, at the time of writing it, a conscious homage, I think I shall retroactively declare it so. My subconscious, at least, knew exactly what it was doing. Even if it took my slow and rather sluggish conscious brain weeks (and reader assistance) to catch up. Hopefully, Garak will be satisfied with the character that his charming and deceitful – I mean, delightful – personality helped in part to shape.

…even if they do have drastically different tastes in fashion.


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I love their facial expressions. The mistrusting eyebrow of Pakku and the naughty smile of Una. It shows their character well!

I wish to see them in a confrontation with some pirates. I can almost see how they bicker with each other.
‘I tell you, we are just going to call the police. No more.’
‘But I can handle them! Honest! They are just amateurs.’
And the pirates are dumbfounded and too confused to do something.

You know, looking back at this page, I thought, “Hey, Robin forgot Una’s makeup!” But then I realized that Pakku’s R/G colorblindness acting as the filter here might mean that it’s hard for him to SEE her makeup, since it’s green and chosen to compliment her skin shade.

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