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C11P47 Pleased you noticed

C11P47 Pleased you noticed published on 9 Comments on C11P47 Pleased you noticedPurchase

Sometimes it’s hard to sit on a secret. Talking with Una, it’s all about reading between the partial truths. Secrets behind secrets, and vague bits of implication to set you off on your own conclusions.

I’ve been sitting on my own secret these past few weeks, ever since Eren contacted me with a nefariously delightful plan. You see, our mutual friend Liz Staley has been having a tough time of it lately. Beset by mental monkeys that I am all too familiar with. So Eren hatched a plan to run a secret fan art drive, and gathered co-conspirators in the form of Kennedy, Christina, Jen, Miri, Puff, Ed, and myself. We called it…(Okay, I called it this mostly)…Operation Love Bombardment.

Now, at long last, THE DAY HAS COME! To share my contribution and urge you to visit Liz’s comic, Adrastus. She may be on hiatus at the moment, but there’s over eight chapters of Giant Mecha Butt-Kicking Sarah Byrant action in Liz’s archives.

Join the monkey-fighting battle today! Yay Liz! Yay Adrastus!



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You could probably start a new comic of the adventures of pakku and una and it would be a grand success.

Have i mentioned how much I love her expressions. While all your characters are expressive in their own way, I think Una is the first who really portrays not only a wide variety of expression but some that are less common for the other characters, like smarmyness, and greed. 😀

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