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C11P46 – No Surprises

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked world-building stuff, so sit back and let me regale you with some nitty-gritty details and background info that’s not necessary to understand the story, but is fun to know anyway.

Despite Kuzopa being a part of Itsuri and thus, ostensibly, Visionary in religious affiliation, the genuine worship of Vision is hard to find in Kuzopa. In fact, none of the four mysteries (Vision, Rainbow Goddess, Bone Matron, and Dream Eater) have much of a presence here. Instead, this (supposedly) ex-pirate nation is one of the few places in the world where worship of the nature gods still exists in a way that is more-or-less true to the spirit of those gods.

In particular, Nikiwa, god of the winds and (so the old tales say) shepherd of lost souls. The local sailors have also included the more recently-added aspect of good luck to this image, making the Wind Ram the patron god of gamblers, thieves, and ship captains alike.

To incorporate the more nautical theme, many portrayals of the wind god have a fish tail, such as the statue above the Merchant Guild crest that you see on the plaque outside the HQ in this page. This same image was incorporated into the provincial crest of Rakapomo, a southern province of fairly recent establishment that is eager to portray itself as a bustling, prosperous hub of trade. Sadly for the Steward of Rakapomo, it is none of these things, and the crest he chose isn’t fooling anyone.

It seems that the Goat of Good Fortune is choosy when it comes to bestowing favorable winds.


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I love all the little touches in Leylines; usually I tend to disregard background details because, well, usually they’re just sorta there because there needed to be a background of some description. But it seems just about everything in Leylines has a history or reason for being there, and it feels the richer for it! Makes me think I need to do more worldbuilding myself…

Also, love Pakku, he’s literally the Sherlock Holmes of this world. ‘Cept he’s better dressed. And Una is just desperate to manage to trick him. While it’s amusing now, part of me sort of wonders if his ability to see through her disguises will put him in danger later! The perspective on the first panel is great, too.

The best thing about being absent from the comic for a while is having the opportunity to catch up. Some really great pages! I’m really loving this chapter so far.

I love Pakku’s no-nonsense everything. “You are thinner than I expected.”

In some ways that has to be refreshing to Una. I’m guessing a lot of people have expected her to be mannish or masculine because of her physical gender, and Pakku’s no-nonsense, unconditional acceptance of her chosen appearance is probably a welcome change.

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