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C11P42 – Terms

C11P42 – Terms published on 18 Comments on C11P42 – TermsPurchase

It’s always good to have terms in a negotiation. Especially when you find the negotiator just a touch suspect…Like a genie. Or a contract killer and/or infiltrator. Maybe that friendly lost prince with an email address that needs your bank account number. You know. The ones that seem MOSTLY fine…

When I was little, I gave serious thoughts to the terms of wishes, in the event that if I ever got a genie and had three wishes to use, I’d be prepared to make the most of them. Especially since I always assumed any genie I would find would turn out to be one of those wily tricksters that twisted all my words. I spent hours daydreaming about the exact language I would use, and how to avoid sealing the deal on accident prior to making sure all my specific needs were met. My childhood negotiations would probably have impressed a lawyer with their convoluted language and bylaws.

What was I wishing for? World peace? And end to hunger? A pony?

HECK no, I wanted shape-shifting powers. Because then I could fly AND have claws and a tail.

I was a child with my priorities straight. Clearly.

But you see, there are many ways you could make shape-shifting horrible, if a mean genie had its way. Forgetting one’s original form, uncontrolled shifting, painful shifting, no knowledge of the instincts that would be natural to the form, getting stuck in a form, losing one’s intelligence when taking on the form of a less intelligent creature, not being able to shift partially, not being able to turn into a dragon (no dragon is DEFINITELY a deal-breaker)…Thanks to those hours spent looking at all the angles, I have it allllll worked out. No genie is gonna get the drop on ME when I get my hands on that lamp…

What hidden catches have you considered on your genie wish of a life-time? (Or, if I’ve forgotten one on shape-shifting, you’ve gotta let me know. I need to get these wish terms on LOCK DOWN!)


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I plan to cheat. If I get a genie and three wishes, my first wish will be for the genie to consider all possible futures one year hence in which I have a safe deposit box containing only paper, select the one in which I feel most satisfied with my use of my second and third wishes, and retrieve the contents of my safe deposit box. I will then make a copy of the papers and put the copy in a safe deposit box. The papers, of course, give the exact wording of my second and third wishes.

One of my wishes has evolved from “I want to speak all languages” into “The ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend all *human-based* languages *that will do me no mental harm by knowing or speaking.* The first keeps me from going somewhat insane from constant animal-speak, while the second is a direct result of reading too much Cthulhu mythos.

I saw something on Tumblr that went you should wish for always having the right amount of cash in your pocket to buy whatever you wanted at the time, but that, I suppose, could backfire if I wanted a person or something…


I dunno, I guess to really cheat I’d ask for the total sum all the powers and capabilities attributed to the god of the christian bible across all the existing versions of said book.

Yeah, I guess omnipresence could drive me insane or something, but I’d try to keep my head screwed on by finding fun pranks to pull with my powers, after tackling some of the big problems with the universe and human civilisation. But after that, I’ll have it raining cheese. Bloody amazing.

I’ve always thought that the best use for my first wish would be to wish for a genie who would answer my wishes without trying to trick me.

Haha! That’s pretty brilliant. “I wish that you were a person that wouldn’t screw me over on my next two wishes.”

…although, if it WAS a tricky genie, I’m sure there is a horrific twist on that wish lurking somewhere.

…Maybe they just turn into a completely powerless, exceptionally annoying person. Can’t mess up your wishes if you’re not capable of giving them!

Also, you can see Una’s pupils. That’s always menacing in this comic.

I like how you’ve managed to make that aspect so ingrained in us. At first I found the Itsuri’s pupil-less eyes really creepy, but I’ve gotten so used to the lminescent eyes that their facial/eye expressions read very clearly to me, to the point where the visual sight of their pupils as it only appears when they’re in very specific, very sinister circumstances reads as dehumanizing rather than humanizing, giving the intended effect.

I’m glad that their eyes have had that slow-burn effect. It used to really bug me when people would say “Oh, these are the humans and the Timu are some OTHER thing.”

For a variety of reasons I found that concept disturbing.

Original story seeds for this were that Timu were what humanity evolved into to survive a post-apocalyptic world. Tamakepe were all aliens that had come down and taken over what remained after the disaster…so having people find them “more” human was always odd to my creative brain.

I don’t know what I would wish for, but at the end of every wish I would tack on, “For the reason I imagine as the best outcome with no immediate or long-term downsides whether direct or indirect, in the way I imagine as the best outcome with no immediate or long-term downsides whether direct or indirect, with no unforeseen consequences direct or indirect except ones I would want in my kindest, most intelligent, and most charitable moods, to be able to take back this wish without using a wish if I see fit and have the world go back to the exact moment before this wish with the soul exception that I remember the consequences of this wish, and to know every direct and indirect consequence of this wish.”

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