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C11P40 – Brother

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A big thank you to the LeyLines Patrons today! This page was colored by Ben Martinez, with some tweaks by me for the final product. I was able to hire Ben to help due to contributions over at Patreon. While we haven’t yet reached enough for me to get his help every month, anything extra that’s left-over from color-blocking expenses goes into a “hire Ben to color a page this month” jar. I’m very hopeful that we’ll reach some of the additional Patreon goals so I can get his help more and more often. For one, it’s great to have someone supplement the work I do, because it takes some of the strain and stress off of me. For another, I’m hoping we can work up to returning to a three times a week schedule, which would be SO WONDERFUL because there’s so much story I want to tell and I feel like two times a week is just too slow. (This is probably because I am an impatient person…but in this regard, can you blame me?)

I asked Ben if there was anything he wanted to share with you all, and he had this to say:

“I hadn’t really thought too much into it when I first signed up to do the work, but lately I’ve been getting progressively more excited about the notion that something I worked on is actually getting published by someone else. I haven’t really had that experience before, or at least not where I was able to see the published piece, so that’s really cool.”

You can also find his Thesis project Tumblr, Glorreicher Büstenhalter. It’s the progress blog for his animated thesis short, in which he parodies the perpetual annoyance that is female character design in most media today.

Thanks again to Ben for his hard work, and to the awesome Patrons helping this project to grow!


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