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C11P39 – Be a Hero

C11P39 – Be a Hero published on 14 Comments on C11P39 – Be a HeroPurchase

We’ve been having internet issues all night, so rather than coming up with a big blog I’m going to try and post this while the connection lasts. Fingers crossed!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

You get to be the fall guy when we murder the scion!

I love the layout on this page.

Hope your internet troubles could be fixed!

And you know, I have to say, this page is a fine example of sweet-talking someone into becoming a tool in every sense of that word:

“You won’t have to do any of the hard work of looking for the scion, we’ll do it for you, but you’ll get all the credit, and even more credit for exposing a traitor, you’ll be a hero to the public and oh, your family would be so proud of you!”

Don’t listen to them, Warren! They are trying to take you for a fool.

Throw your tea in their faces and run, Warren! Run!

On a completely different note, the composition of this page is really interesting. I like how Warren is sort of shown almost from above with his head dipped like that, but the others are all shot from below, like they’re looming over him. I guess in the composition in general as well as the camera angles, they literally are looming over him.

And that panel shape sort of hugs Warren close, like he’s under pressure. It fits what’s actually happening in the story really nicely.

Also, Dr. Milan looks really handsome. Just… y’know… putting that out there.

“Fall guy, huh? Well, that lady at the clothes shop told me I was an ‘autumn’. Sign me up!”

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