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C11P38 – We need you

C11P38 – We need you published on 4 Comments on C11P38 – We need youPurchase

Who are you trying to convince there, Warren? In the end, desire to do something is almost always more powerful than a guilty sense of obligation. The outcome is usually better too.

Although, I’m not so sure if that’s the case here. Warren doesn’t have the best instincts.

Also, Dr. Milan is the most deadpan salesman ever. (And I think somebody should let him know the kinds of people that tend to use the word “foil” in regular conversation.) I like imagining his pitch delivered entirely in soft monotone. Clearly, he was born for sales. Do you think it will be enough to convince their prospective recruit?

Coffee’s for closers, boys.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I dunno … I keep seeing commercials for some show called “Empire,” and I have yet to hear a single line delivered in anything but a monotone. Makes me glad I don’t have cable/satellite.

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