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C11P34 – Comforting

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And we’re back from winter break! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. For myself, I had a bit of the holiday blues, but that seems to have passed for now. I always underestimate how the holidays will hit, both in mood and in how time disappears, so it was not as productive as I had hoped. However, I did decide to set some time aside to make Cory a present. We had planned on not giving each other gifts, as time and finances are both a bit tight. However, after a particularly stressful and insomnia-stricken night, I decided that I’d make him a belated gift after all. Our friend Kenton rented the Borderlands Pre-Sequel for a weekend to play with us, and Cory had a lot of fun with the character of Claptrap. In fact, we’ve both become rather attached to the little robot. So I decided to make a sculpture of the unit for Cory to paint, since modeling is one of his hobbies.

It was a new challenge to try and sculpt a machine instead of something organic. All the lines and edges are hard, which I had a lot of difficulty with at first. I began doing partial baking, so that one side would become hard enough to handle so I could work on the other sides without messing up the previous ones. Eventually I added a base with a pin, realizing that there was no way I could balance it on a precarious single wheel. Overall, I think he turned out well!


Have you ever made a gift for a loved one? What was it?


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Drawings, paintings, personalized t-shirts, even pillowcases; tight budget means I make a lot of gifts for people too.
Sometimes, though… sometimes you find an old X-Men Phoenix figurine in a backwoods community farm auction, and because NO ONE ELSE THERE has any idea how valuable it is, it sells for ten bucks. As unopened ones can go for as much as $150 dollars, I was pretty pleased – and utterly delighted with the expression on my dad’s face when he got it Christmas morning.
Sometimes you can’t beat a bought gift. 🙂
I had a wonderful holiday.

And I’m pretty sure Una makes a good point there.

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