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C11P32 – They work for me

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This weekend, Cory’s mom took us Christmas shopping. She noticed that I have a tendency to not buy things for myself…like shoes…even when I really should. Shoes, for instance, that I’ve had for five years. I always tell myself that I don’t really NEED new shoes unless the bottom of the shoe falls off. So she got me several new pairs, and all of a sudden, my back and hips feel better. Wearing the new shoes, I’m realizing that I’d developed an odd gait that was compensating for problems in the worn-out shoes. I was walking heel-to-toe with my right, but rolling my weight along the outside of my foot on my left. This was inducing an imbalance in my hips, which in turn was messing with my back, which in turn was causing frequent migraines. All this time, I’d just assumed it was stress! I had no idea that something like an old shoe could cause problems all the way up my body. Just goes to show, sometimes you have to tackle an issue from the ground up. And that sometimes it’s important to buy things for one’s health, just as much as one’s desire. Comfort and well-being are not mutually exclusive. Many thanks to Lor for her kind gift this year! I’ll try to take better care of my feet, so that it won’t take me another five years to buy new shoes.

In other news, I really enjoyed doing the art streams during my Thanksgiving break and I’ve decided to do them a lot more often! I’ve made a new Patreon Reward Level at $5 a month. Please check it out, and thank you so much for supporting this story!


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Waaait, is that the order that Warren’s father warned him about on his deathbed? Or rather, wanted to warn Renar about, which as it seems now, has been futile, since Warren never told Renar about it until the attack on Tama and Mizha. And it looks like as if Renar was the one who ordered the attack on them. Oh dear, Warren, get out of there before you’re being made to “disappear” as well!

And yeah, makes sense now why Renar offered Warren the position as the Scion’s personal guard. Very clever scheming that, preserving the good name of the family while planning on assassination behind closed doors.

The plot is positively curdling and I am very excited!

Also, shoes are important. Often if you have pain in your back or shoulders it’s not actually starting there–it’s lower. Or it’s at the top and radiating down.

This is oddly a full-circle chapter, despite having none of the main cast…although chapter ten was also a full-circle chapter, in different ways. In my head, chapter ten was the closing of the first main arc, and chapter eleven is an epilogue/prologue transition for the next arc.

And I confess myself super surprised by the impact of shoes. Who knew??

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