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C11P26 – Waa waa waa

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Poor Pakku. Nobody understands you.

This weekend I was honored and excited to be invited to a webcomic panel…in the Philippines! Komikon 2014 was this weekend hosted in the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City. Webcomic creator Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan, of the Callous comic strip, reached out to the Webcomic Alliance and asked if we would remotely call in to join him and his fellow local artists in talking about webcomics! The other panelists were Hub Pacheco and Jonas Diego. While we had some trouble hearing them, through Google Hangouts Carlo could text us the questions and cue Byron, Dawn and I for our responses. It wasn’t perfect, but we all made it work!

I just marvel at the fact that it was even possible. Byron and Dawn and I are all in different states, and this convention was in an entirely different country! In my Friday evening, I was on a panel during their Saturday morning all the way across the globe. How astounding is that?? Yet again I was reminded of how many new things technology has made possible. And quite frankly, video calls are one of the most mundane developments of the last ten years. There are so many incredible advancements happening right now that it can be a little mind-boggling.

What technology advancement has wowed you recently?


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Oh geez… I’m never gonna be able to forget this page…

I can’t think of a specific advancement, but the simple fact that science and technology has advanced so much in the past generation wows me. Especially when I hear stories from my mom about her grandmother’s childhood in the Appalachian Mountains, with defining experiences such as hauling up water from a spring down the valley they lived in, with a cold box tucked next to it for storing milk and other perishables. Then there’s my dad’s parents laughing about the integration of computer technologies into vehicles (Grandpa always has to have the latest toys and gadgets, I swear his car is practically a spaceship). And even just what I’ve personally witnessed, going from the two land-lines in our old house in New York, to my dad and step-family purchasing new Iphones ever couple of years.
Admittedly: indoor plumbing and refrigerators are a positive change. Families absorbed in spending ridiculous money and time on their gadgets? Not so much.

I really like the flat coloring on this page! Great idea!

Also right now I have a computer that folds over into a tablet and I adore it. And my husband backed this Indiegogo campaign for a thing that is basically a laptop with two touchscreens, one of which is a tablet, and a smartphone that docks into it so your files can be shared across all three devices. We are living in the future, Robin, and it is fantastic.

It’s still prototype technology, clunky, noisy, smelly, and hopelessly impractical, but someone has figured out how to use lasers to make lights show up in midair without the use of screens. Too many people seem to focus on ‘what technology is doing for us now’ but I’m always wowed by the steps we’re taking towards things in the future. Prototypes astound me.

As for this page, I love Pakku. It’s kind of sad, that nobody gets his little quirks, bordering on harmless manias. To be fair, the broom closet might be the best place for him to work.

It is very nice detail that in the second to last panel everyone looks like the story-teller except for Pakku. I wonder how much of the story is true (the “everyone laughed at him” aspect), and how much of it is the story teller views everyone to be the same as him until proven otherwise.

I’m glad that Pakku got a closet. *I* want a closet at work to call my very own!

Yay technology!
Thanks again for being a panelist!
I guess there isn’t one particular innovation that has wowed me recently, just the state of current technology as a whole. The world is a totally different place from the one I grew up in, for better or worse. 🙂

I can’t help but feel that it’s strange that we grew up in a different world than we currently are in, but I guess the exact same thing could be said for our parents and grandparents. The world is always moving at the pace of the collective, not the individual. I wonder how different things will be when I am an old woman, looking back at the way things were?

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