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C11P21 – Totka

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I will allow you to fill in the blank as to exactly what that word means. 🙂

One question I get asked a lot at conventions is, “How long have you been drawing?” It’s a very difficult question to answer, because I don’t recall a time when I haven’t been drawing. However, I was going through my old files in preparation for a presentation I’ll be giving later today at a high school, and I found the earliest drawing (or, perhaps I should say, book) still in my possession. It’s even dated, so I know that at the time of the story’s creation, I was just shy of five years old.


This little story is six pages long, and is about “The little squirrel [that] wanted to go across the big ocean to eat the goodest acorns at the green grass place across the ocean.” While I’m not sure if it was for this book or another book (I made a lot of scratch-paper books) that I studied, for what seemed like hours, how a book binding worked…and then promptly put my binding on the wrong side. (Clearly, I was into manga before it was cool.) As for the story, it looks like my mother took dictation of the tale, which involved a lot of ship building and rowing, and culminates in eating “the beautifulest acorn that looked good and juicy.”

So, there you go. At the very least, I’ve been spinning squirrel-driven masterpieces since age four. 🙂

What’s your earliest work still in your possession?


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Short stories from when I was 7. I may have some earlier writing, but I have confirmed dates on these ones.

I got into my artsy-ness relatively late in the game, so I still know (roughly) where my earliest attempt at story-writing is. It was from 7th grade and features some of the god-awfullest hand-writing of all time to go along with the god-awful actual writing.

I remember vividly hating coloring and drawing clear up until 9, I preferred puzzles…. Ten, I was doing drawings and such right and left. My school even let me help make the Precious Moment banners for the hallways. So… I guess a switch got flipped?

That’s interesting that there was such an intense dislike and then such a complete turn-around. I was a bit like that with reading. I thought if I learned how to read, I wouldn’t get bed-time stories anymore. Once I started to read, though, I hardly wanted to do anything else!

I’m sure I can dig up something older, but Mingo the Cracker was one of the only completed books. It’s the gripping illustrated story of a brave Cheez-It who escaped his bowl, ran off with a saltine, graham cracker and a cat, and stole a motorhome by scaring the humans away and lived with them forever. (I guess crackers can drive?)

My mom’s a secretary, so she would often get on the typewriter, type out my stories on scratch paper from the office (and growing up in the 80’s, people who knew how to type were MAGIC), and let me draw on the page. It was wonderful.

That’s absolutely adorable. XD

My earliest piece of work I have is some weird storybook I drew and illustrated when I must have been… I dunno, 6ish or 7ish? Somewhere in that age range.

It’s the story about a pirate called Captain Funnybones. He’s sailing on his ship when an insanely oversized shark comes and eats half of it for some reason (in one bite no less), and he wakes up on an island.

He runs away from some werewolf monsters who are there for some reason, and then out of nowhere a female pirate called X turns up…for some reason… and saves him all cool-like. They then sail away on a little boat they suddenly had… for some reason. X was my friend’s character, and I guess I couldn’t resist the temptation to shoehorn her into my story. That is, if you can even call it a story.

Also, Captain Funnybones didn’t have a pirate hat. He had this odd furry hat with a raccoon tail. …For some reason.

The oldest story in my possession… well, on a hard drive buried in my parents’ Random Electronics Parts Stack, there aret wo stories. The first is like three sentences long and from so far back I can’t remember it an was about a butterfly, so it’s probably the oldest story I ever wrote (mom took dictation). The second-oldest story from me in existence (again, I think Mom took dictation) is “The Princess and the Fairy Dragon” and was written when I was like, five. And was about as vomit-inducingly cute as you can imagine it was. Old Shame territory there! I don’t remember much of the plot but it was about a princess and a fairy dragon that landed at her window and who lived happily together. I don’t even remember the rest because every time I reread it I wipe it from my mind. I was super-girly as a child >.> I got it all out early, I think.

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