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C11P16 – Excuse Me?

C11P16 – Excuse Me? published on 11 Comments on C11P16 – Excuse Me?Purchase

Lu’s started digging that hole and he’s just going to keep at it until he gets to the center of the earth.

Thank you to everyone that visited us at the Colorado Springs Comic & Toy convention this weekend! And you you followed a flier here, welcome! I hope you enjoy the story!

Over on Facebook, Amy Letts of Epic Fail challenged me to think of, in 15 minutes, the most influential 15 movies I’d seen. This is the list that I came up with:

1. The Princess Bride. One of the first movies I have a memory of. A friend of the family, Wes, showed it to me from a recording of it on TV (back in the VHS days) and I loved it so much he let me have his home-movie version. It was damaged and cut out in places, but I played it over and over again.
2. Princess Mononoke. There’s something about Ashitaka’s struggle with the curse, and the hatred it feeds on, that spoke to me very strongly. I also remember being struck growing up at how there was not really a right or wrong side of many of the arguments presented. Lady Eboshi was not evil for creating her iron works, though she had done things with terrible consequences. The same with San. I hadn’t seen any other film that let characters be multifaceted and complex people before.
3. Howl’s Moving Castle. There are so many aspects of Sophie that I relate to that it isn’t even funny.
4. Megamind. I’m pretty sure Megamind is my spirit animal. The only film I can watch over and over and over and never get bored of.
5. Whale Rider. Makes me cry like a baby every time I see it.
6. Paprika. Closest representation of dreams that I’ve seen in film to how my own dreams actually are.
7. Red Cliff. Introduced me to an entirely new set of legends and history from Chinese culture that I’d never known about before.
8. Chocolat. I found a lot of its examination of morality, repression, and dogma really interesting.
9. Avengers. Any time a film can inspire me to write a massive article about the nature of antagonists, it’s probably got to qualify as an influential film.
10. Inception. I love studying this film, because there are so many aspects of storytelling craft that are done so well. The treatment of exposition and the pacing of information are particularly well delivered.
11. Lord of the Rings Trilogy…DVD extras. I actually think that all the behind-the-scenes footage has more staying power for me now than even the films themselves. Seeing how it was all done, and the love and care put into every aspect, is really inspirational to me.
12. Wreck it Ralph. Another film that I love to study for craft. The work with clone characters and theme are particularly fantastic.
13. Stripped Documentary. Because I am a fan girl. And watching this documentary was a very validating experience. It affirmed my belief that comics have an incredible value, and that they matter and will endure.
14. Hot Fuzz. I am Sgt. Nicholas Angel. I can never shut off.
15. Fight Club. I loved how the twist re-contextualizes the entire film, and I think it’s a big part of my love for writing stories where you look at them differently the first time you read them and each time after. That, and I think a lot of Tyler Durden ended up in Frost when I was writing for that character.

So that’s my list! What’s yours?


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Holy cow, someone else who’s seen Whale Rider! I love that movie. Been trying to get my hands on the book for a while. It’s nice to see it come up in a post like this, especially coming from someone so dedicated to storytelling.

Also my interest levels in Lu/Una backstory just spiked. CONFLIIIIICT. Oh Robin, you know just the right ways to catch our attention.

Ohhhh man, Lu. Just keep digging. And you better not have been referring to Una’s gender by that, or else I will have to get the squirt bottle.

Frost IS Tyler Durden/the nameless protagonist. Only Frost learns how to move away from his fragile masculinity and grow into something better. Rhiannon is magic.

Poor Lu, it’s hard learning more about your “friends”. I don’t know how close they are. It’s clear they have a good working relationship and have done this more than a few times.
GIven the bits Una’s given him, I can see the picture snapping together in his mind of how she ended up in this line of work. I don’t think he’s making judgments, just a “oooh, ok.” kiund of moment.
I find it interesting how much of our fav movie list overlaps. I really love the book Howl’s Moving Castle, the movie is a completely different story that is equally interesting.
My family LOVES Megamind! We were just dying in the theatre and we were so glad it was by ourselves. PRESENTATION!

Argh, I’ve wanted to watch Princess Mononoke for so long, but never has an copy of it presented itself to me, online or otherwise. As for the Lord of the Rings Behind-the-Scene stuff… My dad loved them almost as much as the movies themselves, and therefore I have much of the content imprinted upon my memory. The majority of other films on your list are things I already love as well or are included with the massive collection Dad insists he will get around to sharing with me at some point. 🙂

So how long do we have with Una and Lu and personal details before you pull a cliffhanger scene change on us, R?

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