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C11P07 – I am an Auditor

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You probably should have thought of that, Warren, BEFORE you called your one potential ally stupid. Just saying.

The battle with this latest bout of deep depression continues, but I feel like I’ve talked about that too much lately. Hard not to, since its somewhat mind-consuming, but I’m managing. I’m still here. The fight goes on.

School has started again and I’m back in the classroom part-time. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy sharing the silent language of pantomime and expression with children. We use so many words for things, but so often they’re unnecessary. I can tell a kid, “Get back to your writing assignment” by pretending to open an invisible notebook and writing in the air. Or share a private joke with a funny face. Or tell them, “YES that little bout of rule-breaking HAS been noticed and something WILL be done about it if you don’t knock it off,” all with a single raised brow. And for some reason, these unspoken nudges often seem more effective than a spoken comment. It’s like we share a secret, silent language. And there’s something more fun about unspoken communication. Even if the message is, “Hey, quit poking your neighbor and follow the instructions,” there’s something about saying that without words (and a lot of hand gestures and head shakes) that is more relaxed.

I’ve always been a talker. Always felt that a thought had to be spoken and nailed down in triplicate. Only working with kids have I learned to value silence.

How do you talk without words?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Sorry to hear that the deep depression continues, Robin. I hope you find your way clear to the other side and if you ever need another person to talk to, feel free to contact me.

Jande shared the Webcomics Alliance post on G+ today and I mentioned that it would be cool if you were on G+ but I think you found it to be not useful. If you ever want to give it a try again, I know there’s a pretty thriving world of creative types on there, always willing to chat and share. I’ve found it helpful as a writer to find people I can at least commiserate with. 😉

I mostly couldn’t figure G+ out! It took me six months to even get moderately comfortable with Facebook, and that mostly was because I figured out how to use Hootesuite. Which, alas, does not work with G+. I might attempt it again someday!

Seek out your friends on there if you try it again. We can help. 🙂 (I find it much like Twitter in function. Post publicly, +1 instead of starring favorites, reshare instead of retweet. Circling people is the same as following them. If you circle someone, you will see their public posts in your main stream, but unless they circle you back, they won’t see yours, same as Twitter.)

Gah! All caught up now. Somehow, I has a sad D:

However, you will probably breathe a sigh of relief.

“Ahhhh,” you say. “She has worked her way through the archive! The inbox spam is done!”

And there was much rejoicing. *wink*

ANYWAY the dynamics of this chapter promise to be interesting. The Warren/Pakku thing is just incredibly interesting to me and adding Una to the mix is going to cause so much hilarity as both Warren and Pakku play straight man to them.

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