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C11 P89 Supposed to be ME

C11 P89 Supposed to be ME published on 14 Comments on C11 P89 Supposed to be ME

This is one of my favorite pages in the chapter. I’m happy with the expressions, the body language, the dynamic between Pakku and Una as she tries to break to him that he may not be the only one in town who’s got some skills.

Pakku is used to being The Best. It turns out that thinking one is perfect at anything often means that’s the start of one’s decline. Any time I see an artist declare mastery, I always get concerned. I think the essence of “Staying Hungry” is simply to always be honing one’s craft. Never letting complacency sneak in. That’s not to say we can’t get good at something and have confidence in our skills. It’s just that assuming one has nothing left to learn seems like a sign that a person hasn’t learned enough yet to know how little they actually know. Every new level of understanding should open up new areas of study. There is endless complexity and endless simplicity to every skill. The journey is a life-time of work with no end point.

I used to think success was a finite destination, but the more I grow, the more I realize that it’s a constant process. We look up at someone successful and we don’t see all the tough choices they’re making. Everybody is learning. Everybody is growing. There’s no point to being hard on ourselves for not being as good as somebody else. Ultimately, we’ll never be that other person, and if we try we’ll just be an inferior copy. It’s a self-defeating exercise. What we can do is strive to become the best version of ourselves. Constantly improving, honing our craft, and developing our knowledge and understanding. Expanding who we are. None of us are static. We’re all in a process of becoming something new. So we may as well shape that self into a person we enjoy.

What have you been doing to expand who you are?


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I really love Pakku’s expression. EVERYTHING AS I KNOW IT IS WRONG!!!! I really really love Una’s leaning into the frame. It appeals to my sense of their relationship. She had her moment, on the other side of the post, and now she’s going to ” help” Pakku with his. Not knowing his past this could be a Big Deal and lead to If It’s All Bad, Then I’ll Be The Worst. Una watching on as Pakku starts Jwalking and bring intentionally rude to old ladies.

The image of Pakku being INTENTIONALLY rude to old ladies just blows my mind. Accidentally? Absolutely possible. Intentionally? I have no idea what that would even look like. And J-walking?? OH NO!! Pakku’s future is grim indeed. Although, frankly, if he’s the type to snap, I think he’d snap hard. How does “international menace” sound to you? And would it be for bank robbery, espionage, or terrorism?

…if he goes with bank robbery, Pakku and Una could be a regular ol’ Bonnie and Clyde.

Finding people through fandom and RP has been the biggest help, really – I never seem to “learn” how to be better and keep growing from my peers.

Also, this just backs up my theory that you and Diane Duane would get along splendidly: the philosophy of “success is a journey, not a destination” is one that she seems to hold as well.


I’ve added her books to my reading list this year! (Although that list keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, so it may become 2017’s list as well.) I’m looking forward to reading her work.

RPs are huge for me too. I’ve learned a lot about myself while playing as another character. Plus hanging out with friends, whether online or around a table with snacks, always means a lot of laughs and camaraderie. Cory and I bonded and got to know each other through an online RP, in fact!

This page gave me a giggle fit XD Poor Pakku, I know it’s hard, but you had to learn this SOMEtime. Better to learn it now than when it’s too late to do anything about it.

On another note, I’m tearing my hair out because I miscalculated….I worked extra hours so I’d get enough in my next paycheck to cover the Wavemen tier I want, then I went and double checked, and it turns out I get paid literally THE DAY AFTER it ends! Arrrggghh! I’ll have to see if I can talk a friend into lending me the money for a day or two….

Oh no! I’m sorry you’ve gone to so much trouble! If I can work with you to help you get the tier you want, let me know! We could always do something through PayPal or email/letters after the campaign closes. I don’t want this stressing you out, especially not after you’ve been working so hard!

Aww, Pakku. You’re biting your gloves.

I completely agree with what you said, Robin. I am learning to code websites!

Coding? Aaaaah Skysong you’re so cooooool!!

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