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C11 P82 – Nothing to Say

C11 P82 – Nothing to Say published on 7 Comments on C11 P82 – Nothing to Say

For once, Pakku has correctly guessed which button to push. We’ll see how long that lasts.

We’ve launched the IndieGoGo for Wavemen! Cory’s been working on this for EIGHT YEARS, and I’ve been co-writing with him for five of those. We’ve honed this story and these characters into something really special, and the incredible artists that have been working with us this past year are helping us create something truly fantastic.

Here’s the video we put together for it:

If you’d like to contribute, please check out all the awesome rewards that our super sweet team has put together! You can find those and more on the campaign page!

Oh geez my heart is seriously going crazy I need to get some tea and lie down. BUT I CAN’T. TOO EXCITED. Conundrum!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

*stares at funding bar and twitches* I am SO glad it has a full month, because that means I can go work extra hours so I can afford to get it….

BTW, I checked my email first, so by the time I checked the comic I already had the funding page semi-permanently added as a regular tab in my browser so I wouldn’t forget XD

And here I was thinking Pakku would respond with something along the lines of “What about to a friend of Crimson’s?” But then I’m reading this half asleep after a loooong day at work.

Aww thank you for making our story a priority! Cory and I are so proud of what the team has created so far, and it fills our hearts with joy when people share in our excitement! Thank you!

And I think your response to Blue would have been much more suave…which is probably why Pakku would never think to say it.

Pakku is amazing and I love everything about him.

Pakku has such an analytical mind. If he would stop letting it go off half-cocked and assuming he was right all the time, he’d be scary.

He’s scary NOW since he’s usually at least mostly right anyway.

Yeah, right now Pakku’s greatest weakness is the assumption that he’s always right. A pinch more doubt and he would be a frightening force of logical deduction. Of course, Pakku rarely does anything by half-measures, so chances are good that if he adds doubt to his mixture, it’s not going to be in a measured dose.

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