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C11 P80 Jealousy

C11 P80 Jealousy published on 2 Comments on C11 P80 Jealousy

It’s definitely jealousy.

We had our second show of March yesterday, an my back hadn’t fully recovered from the first show, so I am both in pain and utterly exhausted at the moment, so I hope y’all will forgive me if I keep this short today.

To those that visited me at DINK this weekend, thank you so much for coming by and saying hello. If things were chaotic and I didn’t get the chance to properly chat, an extra measure of thanks to you. Just seeing you, even if it’s a fleeting wave, means the world to me. You’re wonderful and beautiful and fantastic, and I hope you had a grand time!

Hugs to those that like hugs, and nods of solidarity to those that don’t, and with that I bid thee a good night!


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