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C11 P79 – I agree

C11 P79 – I agree published on 15 Comments on C11 P79 – I agree

I always used to mess with candles. I’d try and create the optimal candle, where all the wax was hemmed in on all sides, and the balance of melted wax to wick was perfect. If a weak point was exposed and hot wax would spill down the side, I’d break off chunks from other breaches and try to dam up the gap. Sometimes I’d collect a lump of the wax and mold it into a cube or a sphere, or use a fingernail to try carving a shape. I’d dip my fingers into the hot wax with a hiss at the initial sting until I had protective caps, seeing how thick I could get the coating before it broke or fell off and created a mold of my fingertips. I found them endlessly entertaining.

Dr. Zal Milan messes with candles for entirely different reasons.

It’s weird, the kind of odd little activities kids (and, let’s face it, adults too) can find utterly engrossing. Another activity I never seemed to tire of when I was a child was peeling dried glue off of my hands, or empty milk jugs. I’d empty what seemed like an entire bottle of Elmer’s glue over a milk jug, eagerly and impatiently wait for it to dry, and then peel it all off. And tape…oohhhh the webs I would make in rooms out of scotch tape, stretching it from one piece of furniture to another like some strange roll-wielding spider.

Did you have any odd diversions as a child?

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I used to wind string around things. And one of the other odd things that I still do is that when I have to do a task where I’m sorting things, oftentimes my brain will make up stories. One pile is ‘good’ and one is ‘evil’. I don’t do this on purpose, it just is something my brain does on its own.

Do you remember if certain objects ended up in the ‘good’ or ‘evil’ pile more often than others? Or was there no real rhyme or reason to it?

generally speaking whatever it is I’m looking for generally ends up in the good pile and everything else ends up evil. It gets almost annoying when I’m attempting to do jigsaw puzzles. Sorting out straight-edges from inside pieces usually tends to evolve a running narrative that I barely pay attention to. Pieces that I think are straight-edges and turn out to not be are spies trying to infiltrate. The good pile is a camp for escapees. Hard-to-find pieces are brought out under fire, occasionally.

It’s not even something I consciously attempt, honestly. These things just happen in my brain and every so often I’ll realize I’m doing it and go ‘dammit!’. Or ‘Well at least it’s an entertaining narrative.’

O_o() I am weirded out by similarities here. I used to obsess over peeling glue off my hands and messing about with candles and hot wax too. Didn’t try glue on milk jugs – but then, I never did much like milk. I had this wand-thing though when I was a kid, a clear stick maybe a centimeter thick and ten inches long, filled with water and with pink granules (probably plastic) and shiny flat metallic bits of …not sure what, confetti or sequins or something. Far more granules than shiny things. and I’d spend hours turning it to one end and then the other in carefully controlled gradations and bursts, trying to get all the shiny sequin-things either trapped in the granules or every last one free of them and piled on top….

I liked to untie knots, so every recess I would sit down and untangle the jump ropes. To keep my youngest sibling entertained I would tell funny little stories about why parts of the world are the way they are. Also, I did things like have a fork and a spoon argue about the gender of a phone, and play with my brother’s curls when I thought he was asleep (he wasn’t, and he remembers this).

Oh, I was all about peeling glue, and paint, and scabs (I know, ew). I think smooth, uniform services ease my anxiety in some way.

The two most memorable ones are paper-eating and something I like to call right-foot/left-foot.

That first one’s a habit my parents really wanted me to drop after they figured it out (and so instead I started picking off “dead” skin, wherever I found it on me…).
The second was when I would try and always cross over cracks or climb up steps starting and ending with my right foot. I’m largely right-dominant, you see, and I’d play out the dynamic of stepping over cracks as an exercise of that dominance. I still do this to some extent, but not with any accompanying mental visuals.

I know I’m autistic, and that that might have had something to do with my habits, but I’ve sometimes wondered just how widespread these habits are. :/

Oh, hey, another ASD person who was obsessed with foot placement! I used to do the whole never-step-on-a-crack thing and the right-foot/left-foot game, too, and I still have a weird obsession with opposites where when I fidget, I have to make things go in opposition to each other, like raising my foot at the same time as I drop my other one, or raising my hand as I drop the foot on the same side and raise the foot on the other side and drop my hand on the other side. Patterns are a common ASD thing but the extremes I take it to can be weird.

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