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C11 P78 – That went well

C11 P78 – That went well published on 6 Comments on C11 P78 – That went well

I suppose it’s about time we check back in with these folks…seeing as we haven’t seen them since…last year. It was a very long conversation, apparently.

One of the things I made sure to do during the hiatus was rebuild my buffer, because I do best when I have a large amount of pages between what I’m working on and what I post. It lets me catch and correct story problems in advance, I don’t get anxious or stressed out on pages, and I don’t feel rushed. Quotas I can deal with. Rush jobs and deadlines are absolutely horrible.

However, one of the weird things about a big buffer is that what I’m posting now was actually finished months ago. This particular page I finished last October. It’s almost a half a year old. As the folks supporting on Patreon know, right now I’m over 20 pages in to chapter 12. Which means that my artistic ability and writing ability have advanced, but what I’m posting right now doesn’t reflect that. At least not in my eyes. So I’m constantly looking at what I’m posting and thinking “Augghhh you can do better than that. What a mess.”

I guess that’s better than the alternative. If I thought that it was perfect, it would mean that I hadn’t gotten any better since October.

There’s some things I really like about how this chapter turned out (looks pointedly at Pakku and Una) but I feel like the story rambles way more than it should. Ah well. I guess I can appreciate it for what it is and do better next time. Like making sure I keep my buffer well fed, so I don’t get stuck again, and have to ramble my way out of a badly written corner in the first place.

Sometimes being an artist feels like living in a constant state of “lesson learned.”

What do you think about when you look back at old work?


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I think the art on this page is great, which means that the stuff you’re doing now must be even more great. I especially like Pakku’s eyes in the top panel. I always forget how they glow.

And I really do think an artist’s life is like that because every project *should* teach you something, or else it’s just a waste of your time. If you didn’t learn anything, then it didn’t challenge you, and you’re just coasting, which is no good for anyone.

Pakku’s just charging his deductive lasers. (Unfortunately, he’s too impatient to let them fully charge, so he always jumps to conclusions.)

And you’re right. Every project should push us forward. The minute an artist declares they’ve mastered something is usually when their art begins to suffer.

Oh yes, the awfulness of looking back on old work…depending on the piece it’s either ‘GAH HIDE AWAY THAT EVIL THING NO-ONE MUST SEE IT EVER’ or, in the case of those rare few inspired pieces that come out waaay beyond my current ‘standard’ level, it’s ‘I did that HOW long ago? And I haven’t caught up to it yet? Aaaaaggghhh!’

In general, I find it’s a bad idea for me to look back on old work unless I’m in a really optimistic mood….

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