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C11 P67 – Preposterous

C11 P67 – Preposterous published on 15 Comments on C11 P67 – Preposterous

Everyone in this page thinks that everyone else is being a little ridiculous.

Speaking of silly things, I have discovered that describing characters as though they were cats is an oddly satisfying experience.

See, it all started when Skysong made a comment on the last page, and for some reason the image of Una and Pakku popped in my head. And once I’d imagined SOME of the cast as cats…well…I naturally need to do that for MOST of the cast. I shared this on Facebook, but for those of you that don’t follow me there, here’s what I came up with:

  • Mizha is the type that can’t decide if she wants to go outside, or inside, or outside, or inside, but she’d really appreciate it if you’d let her make up her mind. Skittish with strangers, but affectionate with people she knows. Maybe too affectionate. You didn’t need to DO anything with that lap for the next 24 hours, right? Or that keyboard. Or that newspaper…
  • Tama knocks over all your stuff. And then he gives you that look. That smug look that says he knows EXACTLY what he did, but he’s going to play dumb anyway. “Ooops? Was that yours? Why don’t you put it back up here? I promise I won’t knock it down again. That’s right. Just right there. Now — Ooops? Hahaha. Silly me. Such butterpaws.” He especially likes things that are breakable. Also, you continuously find socks and other items go missing around him. Where these items go, you are never able to discover.
  • Zhiro is a Manx cat that tends to be very suspicious of everyone’s intentions, but he’s exceptionally quiet and well mannered, and if you go on a walk, he’ll be more than happy to keep you company. He especially likes to sit quietly next to you on the couch, and if you pet him, he will be your loyal companion until the end of his days.
  • Kali is a Himalayan huntress. No mouse or bird or bug is safe in her domain. Sometimes she leaps before she looks, or crashes into things she shouldn’t, but she always lands on her feet and, yes, she assures you, she meant to do that. A bit stand-offish at first, once you get to know her, she’s a real sweet-heart. She’ll even leave you special gifts of all the things she hunts down, because she’s generous that way.
  • Pakku is an undersized black cat that should probably eat more. He likes confined spaces and avoids almost everyone. Occasionally you will come into a room that he has personally rearranged, but by what system you will have no idea. He especially fond of the “Arch, fluff, and run” maneuver when it comes to social interactions. Despite this, he is absolutely hungry for affection. Just…don’t touch him. He’d appreciate you listening to what he says, and responding appropriately to the different meowed instructions, far more that being pet.
  • Una is a bright orange tabby that likes to mess with you. And the curtains. And everything BUT the scratching post, which she regarded as an affront to her freedom. Does she want a tummy rub, or to bite the crap out of you? Is she going to play with you, or claw the ever loving heck out of your leg? Does her meow indicate you should shower her with affection, or run like your life depends on it? Nobody knows, and she likes it that way.
  • Lu is a beat up old British Shorthair who most of the time seems like a real sweetheart. Until he’s a complete psychopath. He’s really possessive of specific people. His behavior with strangers is utterly unpredictable. Except for kids. He’s an absolute angel with kids.
  • Koruval is a Rex, who stares at you disapprovingly. At all times. He moves with a silent and somewhat stodgy dignity, and usually maintains an air of aloof detachment.

If you described your characters (or friends, or family members, or yourself…) as cats, what would they be like?

This week’s vlog is up! I start by sharing some of my personal doubts and struggles, get caught up in them, and then there’s a moment where you can actually see me realize I need to question my thinking & fears, and turn to face the little demon that had crept up on my shoulder. Kinda a cool moment for me to catch on film, seeing as a usually don’t get to see my own face when I hit an “ah ha!” moment. Patrons can watch this week’s video, and all my other weekly vlogs, for just $1 a month on Patreon!


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Hmm. My character Umraeva Oussarn would be a lively black cat. The quintessential curious cat, she’d be getting into EVERYTHING – not to mess it up, but because she simply HAS to figure out EXACTLY what it is. No matter how difficult it is to get to, or what/who is in the way or needs to be climbed to get at the wondrous ‘new thing’. She would also be sort to be completely convinced at first sight that anyone approaching her bossy best friend *cough-owner-cough* must be plotting against her – and of course said best friend tends to be oblivious, so it’s up to Umraeva to deal with it. And than be proud of herself for it. Though she CAN be befriended, if you’re patient enough and willing to deal with the scratches in the meantime…and once you do, you’re added to her loyal circle and will be protected the same way.

Of course, these protection attempts aren’t always successful. The smaller enemies have this annoying habit of darting into small spaces JUST as she makes her leap….and the resulting headache can make her glare after them for hours.

There’s so much personality packed into that description! It’s simply wonderful.

XD Thanks. She’s a well-developed OC of mine with an overdose in the personality department…unfortunately, the world I created her for (an adoptables shop on gaia) was abandoned by the creator, and I’ve been having trouble adapting her to other worlds. This exercise may have helped with that, I think…

I’m glad! It sounds like a pretty tough challenge. If you ever need any help, that sounds like precisely the kind of task I started offering my creative consulting for. If you ever want a team-mate to tackle it, let me know.

now I’m curious what diligent fan would try and parse what that note says just from here. I actually do enjoy figuring out what kinds of animals my friends would be! I always assumed I would be some type of reptile or amphibian if I was going to be absolutely any type of animal

For once, I’ll actually be sharing the translation. And I thought I’d give the direct translation too, since the grammar structure is different. I think I made a recording for Patrons of the letter text a while back too. I should dig that up and post it with the next page!

It’s a running joke around the house that I’m actually a lizard, because I’m always cold (clearly cold-blooded) and love to just lie in spots of sun and not move.

My brain naturally refused to cooperate with me on the imagine your OC’s as cats and instead got stuck on the one OC of mine that actually is incarnate as a cat. Chester is from an online RP game that was run for about five years in Live journal with one game day being three to four real time days. I was both pleased and sad when it finally wrapped up. I have many good memories and friendships associated with that game.

Chester is an air spirit incarnated in the form of a small fluffy white tomcat who speaks in a deep gravelly voice and often affects the speech patterns of a 1940’s detective .(it was his favorite era) He is a professional familiar spirit who makes bargains with wizards and witches and other similar folks. though he is picky about who makes these bargains with because of how this affects him. Said bargains are generally lasting as long as the rest of the magic practitioner’s lifetime. and can be said to be like to a marriage in that said magic practitioner becomes the most important person in Chester’s life. what this means is that suddenly that person is the most important being in his world and he will do just about anything for them, especially if it’s in their own best interests.to the best of his understanding it’s kind of like being in love. His current magical partner is a young wizard named Hermia Stephanides who he met in the local library where she works and whom he tutored for over a year in magic before they finally sealed their pact and became formally bound.

Chester is naturally an optimistic and loyal fellow who likes to see the best in people but is still quite cynical and not naive ( how can he be when he has witnessed centuries of how humans behave?) He likes to be helpful and is prone to giving advice to people even if he does get tired of their reactions upon discovering that he can talk.

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