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C11 P64 – Oh

C11 P64 – Oh published on 9 Comments on C11 P64 – Oh

Stumbling onto some unexpected common ground there Una?

Speaking of common ground, I wanted to take a moment and say how amazing some of the comment discussions have been in the past few weeks. People have been sharing incredible stories, support, and perspectives. Thank you all so much for taking the time to contribute here, and for not just being civil (which is already more than most people can expect of any comment section) but also for going above and beyond to engage in respectful, positive, and personal ways. I am continually in awe of you all. Thank you for being so wonderful.

We made it through January! Yay! Year started out a little rougher than I was hoping for, catching a cold for about two weeks (because I have the immune system of a dead fly) but I’m hoping for a better February. That said, I was able to keep up with my monthly page production quota despite the sickness setback. This is in part due to the new coloring style that I developed over the break, which took average coloring time from 8 hours to 3, and in part because the awesome folks supporting on Patreon have ensured I can pay my color-flatter for help.

I still really want to get up to 3 times a week again. I feel the story moves too slowly at twice a week. Right now we’re $86 shy of being able to do that. That’s about 20 people pledging $5 a month, once you factor in fees. So if you’d like to have LeyLines update 3 times a week in March, please consider heading on over to Patreon and chipping in a few bucks!
Last month, contributors enjoyed weekly vlogs, got an in-depth look at my coloring process, and saw the in-progress and final images for 11 pages of the upcoming chapter 12. Those at the Creator Corner $5 level had access to the financial break-down of my small business numbers in 2012-2015, complete with graphs and charts, for extra insight into what it’s REALLY like to build a creative business.


If you like what I do and would like to enjoy more pages every week, I’d really appreciate your support. If you’re not in a position to help, I totally understand, and still think you’re great. I appreciate you reading, sharing, and commenting immensely, and I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have such an amazing group of people interested in my work!

Today’s Una Songs…
“The Water” by HURTS. I first heard this band on Pandora and really fell in love with the music. I own both of their albums now, and it’s honestly hard for me to pick a favorite song. This is from their first album, and it was my favorite on my first play-through. I still love the melancholy sound of it.

“Conquistador” by Thirty Seconds To Mars. My favorite song by this band is actually “Hurricane,” but that song in my brain belongs to Frost so completely that it’s hard for me to associate it with any other character. Still, this is another of my favorite bands and it seemed wrong NOT to have a song from them on there. I think my inner Una liked the defiant vibe of this particular tune.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pakku this emotional.

I don’t think I have anything to say about this paget hat I didn’t about the last one as far as relationships and emotions go, but I will say that I love the way the bioluminescence of Pakku’s eyes contrasts with the shadows of his hat in the last panel, it makes for a really dramatic underscore of the scene’s mood in such a beautiful way. The expression, the composition, the coloring…. nnf I haven’t had a good art geek-out in a while, so, yeah. Art geek-out of the day.

Thank you! I feel like the break allowed me to step up my art game quite a bit. There are several pages in this chapter that I’m extremely proud of. I’m glad you’re enjoying the little touches, like Pakku’s eyes in the shadows.

As for Pakku’s emotional state…well…Una’s not the only one that doesn’t get important questions asked of them very often.

I think the thing you’ve been doing the best at is making the eyes actually glow, it really brings home the Itsuri’s ethereal qualities.

It’s always interesting when you put characters in situations they’re not expecting. Especially if that particular situation is ‘kindness’ and ‘understanding’.

They’re really so perfect for each other. I honestly can’t believe you didn’t intend for the chapter to work out this way.

I think part of the reasons the comments are really good is because you leave a great foundation. The pages are normally great food for thought, and you leave thought provoking conversation starters. It’s easy to respond constructively and intelligently with a good base. Plus, I’m pretty sure your comic attracts kind and intelligent people simply by the way it is.

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