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C11 P57 – WHACK

C11 P57 – WHACK published on 7 Comments on C11 P57 – WHACK

Struck a nerve, Una?

Sometimes, as a part of the writing process, I’ll put together playlists for characters. Although it’s not exactly writing, in the purest sense, it sometimes helps me get past a block, or find new insight on a character. When I was trying to figure out how to fix this chapter, I made an Una playlist, which you can listen to here if you like. For a long while, since it’s over 90 songs. (…sometimes I’m REALLY stuck in a block…)

I thought it would be fun to share one or two songs with every page as we go through this chapter. Sometimes I’ll share what the song made me think of, or what I associate with it, and so on.

The first two are Cat Power’s “I don’t blame you” and Tori Amos’ “Precious Things”. Both deeply melancholy songs, with bitter under-tones and a sense of injustices survived. I feel that, while Una can be a very jovial and teasing character, it’s mostly in an attempt to stay mentally buoyant above a deep and bitter hurt. I have a feeling Una would be an absolutely miserable drunk…or…maybe she’d be really giggly. No, wait, FIRST really giggly. THEN if the drinking continued, you’d get a really deep, dark funk. And THEN…a really, really mean drunk.

A note on blogs:
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I’ll miss the Friday blogs…but I was intended to pounce on your patreon when I could afford to anyway, so I guess I just have to wait a bit longer for those?

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