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C11 P58 – Stay Here

C11 P58 – Stay Here published on 10 Comments on C11 P58 – Stay Here

I’ve put together a 2016 reading list that focuses on diverse authors. You can see the full list here, if you’re curious! And if you see a favorite author that I’m missing, let me know! I’m always open to new book recommendations. I don’t know if I’ll get through all of them in a year, but we’ll see! I’ll share my thoughts about them as we go. The two I’ve read so far are:

“Pinned” by Sharon G. Flake, which was a fairly solid story, but felt a little more targeted towards a younger audience. It was a book that I wished I could give to a few students I’ve known. I could see them so strongly in the characters. The story is about a young girl named Autumn who loves wrestling and cooking, and is excellent at both, but feels defeated and overcome by school. Especially reading. And while she’s a champion in the gym, her poor scores in school do little to impress her crush, Adonis, manager of the team and a top academic performer that refuses to be anything less than the best. Whether it’s because of, in in spite of, being wheel-chair bound. As Autumn falls farther and father behind, she runs the risk of losing the sport, and the people, that make her feel like she matters.

The other book I’ve finished is “The Cutting Season” by Attica Locke, which was SO INTENSE and also SO GOOD. Although I’m taking a break from thrillers for a while, because my heart can’t take that much anxiety all the time!! When a murder victim is found on the grounds of a historic plantation, the manager of the facility begins to uncover her own family history, and a cover-up that goes back to the time of her great-great-grandfather, who served as a slave on the very same ground. Torn between keeping her daughter safe, and finding out the truth, she tries to wrest justice from a corrupt system and not lose her family in the process.

For the Una playlists today, we have:
Busy Earnin’ by Jungle, which I was first introduced to while playing “Tales from the Borderlands” which I REALLY enjoyed. I decided to get the entire Jungle album, because it’s got such a great mood to it. I was playing the album A LOT during the writing and drawing for this chapter. Great energy, great sound. Really hope to see more from this band.

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. This song is also in Mizha’s playlist, but for an entirely different reason. I think if Una was a teen in the 80s, she would have adored the Eurythmics. And leg warmers. And on-the-side pony-tails. I can just imagine her lying on her bed, surrounded by posters, chewing gum and listening to her Walkman and doodling in a notebook. Una would definitely be a doodler.

Do you have a book you’re excited to read this year, or an album you’re looking forward to from a favorite band?


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Ahhh I’m really happy that Leylines is back! Una/Pakku bonding time now please!!!

I just finished reading the archives and I very much enjoy this story. Pakku is so delightfully awkward! I love it!
I’m looking forward to reading more of Mercedes Lackey, Orson Scott Card, and Anne McCaffrey, among others. Not that I know of any specific book that’s coming out soon, I just know that I haven’t finished all of their books yet.

I’m glad you had a good time on your stroll through the archives! I’ve been enjoying your comments on the way.

The upside with all of those authors is that you have a LOT of material to explore. They’re all very prolific! I first started reading Anne McCaffrey because DRAGONS! (I was in my DRAGONS! phase of life at that time…to a degree, I still am…) Yet, despite that being where I started with her work, my favorite series from her was The Crystal Singer series. For Orson Scott Card, I know that he’s probably most famous for Ender’s Game, but I really liked the Alvin Maker series. Well…PARTS of the Alvin Maker series. The quality in that series varied wildly from book to book. Usually the odd numbered ones were good…the even ones were TERRIBLE. So it’s one of those series that I hesitate to recommend, because it’s not very consistent.

You appear to be missing Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy and the Wheel of Time books (Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson), as well as anything by Heinlein, for a start XD I ALWAYS have books to recommend.

I’ll take a look at Anne Bishop’s books! The Wheel of Time books I tried, but they never grabbed me. I got to book four and ran out of steam. I’ve heard they’re good as audio books, though, so maybe I’ll give them another shot as drawing accompaniment.

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