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C10P55 – Confused

C10P55 – Confused published on 11 Comments on C10P55 – ConfusedPurchase


Speaking of which, here are the videos featuring our final four contributors! Each contributor will add a short story, comic, or illustration to our Kickstarter-Exclusive Trickster Tales collection…BUT only if we reach their stretch goal!! We want to make the best book we can, with the highest quality we can afford, which makes reaching these stretch goals super important! We’re already halfway to the first one, so if you’d like to help us make a beautiful book, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d become a backer TODAY!!

Here’s the video we posted on Tuesday:

–> See more of Byron Wilkins’ work at TR1 Studios!
–> See more of Christina Major’s work at Sombulus!

AND here’s a sneak peek at the video I made for the 24 hour mark. I was going to save it for 7PM today…BUT I CAN’T HELP IT I MUST SHARE IT WITH YOU NOW!

–> See more of Eren & Cheznian’s work on Tamuran!
–> See more of Thom & Kambrea’s work on Shadowbinders!

THANK YOU to everyone that’s backed so far! It’s been a wild ride for volume three, and it’s very inspiring to see that together we can rise from the ashes and keep this adventure going! We’re so blessed and grateful to have you with us on this journey!


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Oh. Ohhhh, Dreameater, you sly bastard.

He takes that as a compliment. 🙂

I’ll just bet he does…
Say, Robin, are we ever going to get the full story of what Dreameater used to be and who changed him? Or should I say, will someone in the comic get that story?

Heh, they’re confused and Zhiro has been exiled. What happens when everyone starts comparing notes? Well, Dream Eater has given them all amnesia, and so Zhiro won’t be getting any answers as to why, but probably that’s Dream Eater’s gift to him for services rendered and protection against further loss of memory.

Whey! I’m so glad you made your goal this time, I knew we could do it!


Dreameater is amazing. I can’t wait to see how his plan all ties up. You just know there’s gonna be a point where all of us readers just look up from the comic and have a moment like…


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