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C10P53 – Zhiro?

C10P53 – Zhiro? published on 7 Comments on C10P53 – Zhiro?Purchase

We made our first goal on the Kickstarter!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped spread the word these last two days, or became a backer!

Now we enter a period of exciting possibility. Yes, we’ve got the bare minimum to make a book, but will we reach the stretch goals to make it even better?? More fun than that, will we add more contributors to our Kickstarter-Exclusive collection of short stories, comics, and illustrations? I’d love to see what all the amazing and talented creators would do in the LeyLines world. It feels like handing over the keys to a massive playground! It would be so much fun to see what people would do for our Trickster Tales. Especially since they’re encouraged to play it as straight or as silly as they want! What might we see? Giant Raviki Robots? Fantastical Dream Walks? Crazy Cross-overs?? I just don’t know!! But I would love to find out!

We’ve got ten different contributors ready and waiting to add their unique voices…if we can reach their levels! The first contributor to unlock is J. Kevin Carrier! Let’s see if we can keep this ball rolling!! CLICK HERE TO BECOME A BACKER!

Once again, thank you to everyone for such an exciting campaign so far. It means so much to Cory & I to have your support. This has been such a year of changes and uncertainty. I’m so glad that, no matter how crazy everything else becomes, we can trust in our LeyLians. 🙂


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.


(PS: I know this is late to ask, but are you going to add buttons or anything like that to the a la carte menu? My cat puked on my Dreameater bookmark and I am very sad.)

Also, this is not going to be good.

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