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What an exciting weekend we had on the Kickstarter! Thank you so much to everyone so far that has contributed, shared, or was otherwise a fantastic and amazing person. You know who you are. 🙂

We also posted the next contributor feature for the first three stretch goal levels: J. Kevin Carrier, Scooter Hughes, and Jaclyn Weber (aka Misty)! Check out the 5 minute video below!

If you’d like to see more of their work, here’s some handy links:

Thank you again to everyone that’s become a backer so far!! We’re almost to 70%! Please share this project with your friends so we can make to the goal — and maybe beyond!!

In random hilarity, I’ve been feeling very stressed lately and Cory’s been sharing a series of YouTube videos with me. People playing Prop Hunt, which I suddenly have a strong need to see if it could be played on a Mac because it looks amazingly fun. And hilarious. If you’re not familiar, players are either hunters or props. If you’re a hunter, you’re supposed to find and kill the props. If you’re a prop, you can move around the map and become a duplicate of any prop on the map in an effort to avoid the hunters. Every time a hunter attacks a MAP prop (and not a player prop) they lose health. There’s a timer, so it’s a race against the clock! Here’s just one of the videos (there’s lots more) and I dearly needed something brainlessly fun this weekend to watch. If you’re looking for something to laugh at, maybe it will tickle your funny bone too. 🙂 (Note that it’s NSFW due to language).


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