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C10P44 – How can you ask me that?

C10P44 – How can you ask me that? published on 10 Comments on C10P44 – How can you ask me that?Purchase

Thank you to everyone that answered the Friday blog survey. (If you didn’t get the chance, you can still find the survey here!) I was particularly surprised by how many of you found my posts on dealing with depression useful. I’ve been quiet on that for a while because A) I assumed talking about depression would be too…well…depressing, and B) I’ve been dealing with a new level of it lately (apparently depression, like Pokemon, can evolve under new stimuli) and haven’t had had the perspective to even know how to share it. HOWEVER, I’m making progress again finally and we’ll probably talk about that eventually, although in the coming weeks I have something entirely different that I want to focus on…

Remember how, back in December, I set myself the goal of raising half the costs of printing volume three completely on my own? Through classes, and conventions, and even creative writing birthday parties?

Well, we just finished our final major convention of the season, our very own local Denver Comic Con, and we made our goal!! So the next step will be launching a Kickstarter for the second half. I’m getting a new video, new rewards, new everything ready, and we’ll be launching in July! I’m really excited for it, and exceptionally proud of the work Cory and I have done to get us this far. It’s an amazing feeling to reach a goal, especially after we’d hit a major road-block. I feel a little bit like a phoenix rising from the ashes of defeat! And I know that with the help of all my amazing LeyLians, we can reach the next goal too! I hope you’re excited for the next step of the journey!


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I absolutely love how Mizha is standing up for herself and fighting off her own demons.

And I hope to contribute to the kickstarter in July. 🙂 I really want to see you reach the finish line of this!

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