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C10P43 Not broken

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…I feel like I should just dig a hole and hide from the Mizhiro shippers.

Remember kids, canons sink ships. And shots may have been fired across the forward bow. But that Captain is now totally living in hiding so there’s no point in musketry or cutlasses, right?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I think it’s a good thing Mizha said that to her past/dream self. I mean this is just my opinion, but saying things to yourself, especially the way she did it and doing what she did, is a step forward to happiness.
And if it’s not a step forward to happiness for her, maybe then she’s just getting closer to what she was trying to do when she first entered the dreaming.

But don’t worry Robin, I’m sure none of the MIzhiro shippers are mad, maybe upset, but they still have the power of imagination of what could have been. ^-^

I REALLY love this page. I think we’re often fed narratives where it’s only one side’s affections that matter, and I’ve often felt pressured/guilted into “giving someone a chance” when I know it’s not going to be a good fit, and a lot of pain and suffering follows for everyone. Having the kind of relationship you want to have with someone (and there are so many other kinds of relationships besides the kissy romantic ones) and being honest about it when necessary is so so important.

Plus I’m a classless rube and I really like seeing Mizha grab this awful faux deity by the horn and slamming it into the ground.

I think admitting this will help lessen her feelings of guilt in the real world too. Though I think she needs to have a heart to heart with Zhiro and be honest with them both.

I’m with Delphina, giving a dose of karma to this imposter certainly made me feel good.

Go Mizha! Knowing yourself and setting your own boundaries is some of the hardest things you can do!
Plus, there is still hope. Who Mizha was doesn’t love Zhiro, but who she is becoming might.

I’m actually really happy that Mizha stood up for herself. And Mizhiro not being canon is probably a really good idea because then maybe both of them can find a relationship that isn’t so full of toxic ideas on both sides. Like, I’ve been watching the ship totter and sway from the sidelines for a while now.
I’ll just go blast Adele now. “WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLL”

Well! I know what that feels like, having the little voice be all ‘give them a chance, you hurt their feelings, I’m sure you like them’ but the actual fact is that you don’t and it’s not fair to yourself to lie to yourself and them by pretending.

Yay Mizha! You go girl! Defeat those inner demons!

Ooh, didn’t expect past Mizha to stand up to current Mizha/dreameater. I guess it’s important for Mizha to realize that just because she’s moving forward with her feelings on the issue, doesn’t mean she can avoid the rest of what she feels, or pull a 180 and call it a day. Past Mizha’s got an argument too, and you have to fight these issues out. A sudden epiphany doesn’t change how you feel inside.

I… actually have no problem with this. To be honest, it’s kind of nice to have a relationship between two unrelated characters of opposite gender that isn’t romantic. And I think having Mizha see Zhiro as family is far better than seeing him as a love interest.

I never actually gave my opinion on this page, so I’ll do so now.

As much of a Mizhiro shipper that I was… this page resonated with me so hard because one of the problems in that abusive friendship I’ve mentioned was his constant pressure on me to accept his affections and turn it into a relationship. As much as it made me sad to see this ship sink it was done in such a beautiful and reasonable way that I just could not be mad at you. Part of me did think, “Maybe this will change”, but there’s also a large part of me that thought, “Maybe it doesn’t have to”. I want them all to be happy. And one-sided love is just as real as mutual affection – and dealing with it is SO MUCH HARDER, for both sides.

Also I agree with everyone, the body-slam needed to happen. That visual representation of what it feels like to tell depression to shut the f*ck up got me through some hard times, and needed to be shown here.

Yeah. I’ve been there too. In my first relationship, I felt very pressured to reply with “I love you too.” I forced myself to feel something, and eventually I convinced myself it was true. Which made it even harder to let go of the feelings later, when the relationship was ended. I’d worked so hard to build that belief and feeling. Yet compared to the actual feeling of love that I’ve now experienced, it was such an empty imitation. Still, it was all I’d known. Like you said, one-sided love is just as real as mutual affection, but so much harder to deal with.

Sometimes I wonder if the world wouldn’t be better off with more depictions of one-sided love and healthy reactions to it. It’s true that sometimes wooing works – but it’s also true that sometimes it doesn’t, and even though it’s not prfect or idealized, which is what stories initially started off being created to represent, we need that body of narrative fiction to teach those lessons.

I 100% think the world would be WAAAAAY better off with more healthy depictions of romance. “She isn’t interested? TRY HARDER” is a HORRIBLE message, but you see it EVERYWHERE. “Just keep pressuring her. She’ll see the light eventually.” Yeah…NO. Just…just no.

It’s interesting how many fictional romances are based off of an older, and much less healthy, cultural standard because even when psychiatry marched on and the arranged marriage for political and monetary reasons died (mostly) out and the need to impress a bride or groom was also about impressing their family and proving why you were a good match was the norm and all that died out with it, fiction’s standard of the happy ending didn’t.

On some levels, yes, attempting to impress the girl you want to date you is natural male behavior (and vice versa) going back to the animal kingdom, but a ‘no’ should still be a ‘no’ and respected as one.

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