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C10P39 – Hungry

C10P39 – Hungry published on 13 Comments on C10P39 – HungryPurchase

We are what we are, and what we’re made to be.

Today I’d like to feature two projects. One that has finished, and one that is just beginning. Both are serialized narratives, continuing stories released in bite-sized chunks very similar to the webcomic model. Both made by super awesome wonderful people of wit, intelligence, and talent. And both worth checking out, if you’re a fan of fiction!

The Only City Left

The Only City Left by Andy Goldman is a story that was told in an incredible 89 parts and was created between February 2012 and finished October 2013! This sci-fi adventure also attracted the attention of the Webcomic Beacon, who did a reading of the first three parts, if you’d prefer an introduction in audio form. What’s it about? Well, to use Andy’s words:

“Allin Arcady is a young man fighting to survive in the depths of the planet-sized city known as Earth. In the far future, the City is falling apart and most humans are gone, but danger abounds. Allin wants to survive long enough to reach the Roof of the World and see the Sun at least once in his life. But as much as Allin runs, he cannot escape his own past, and the Sun has never seemed further away.”

Border, KS

Those of you that listen to our podcast, The Moko Expedition, have become familiar with my good friend Matthew Parker. Well, he’s been threatening (I mean promising) to start a serial novel project of his own, full of the wit, humor, and excitement that he so exemplifies. This week he launched the website for Border, KS. With the tagline of “Isn’t Kansas a little northern for Southern Gothic?” I’m already intrigued by what Matt’s going to bring us. He promises that “The supernatural, the magical, the living and the dead and the in-between all have their place in the Border,” and I’m sure that we as readers will soon find it a place to call home too!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Thanks, Robin, and what a shock. I think my heart actually skipped a beat at seeing the mention, especially seeing how I am visiting here procrastinating on editing the final chapters of the novel version of The Only City Left! It’s like you reached through the monitor and nudged me to get back to work. 😉 Synchronicity achieved and point taken.

Also, I’m looking forward to the relaunch of the Leylines vol 3 Kickstarter. 🙂

So the gods of the world are literally shaped by the belief of their people? Certainly explains why Dreameater’s so miffed at the knowledge of his original self being tucked away instead of spread. I feel sorry for him.

So if I rightly understand the god of Knowledge had no concept of Lying until it was used against him; and therefore no defense ? A fascinating idea…

In general Dream Eater chooses not to lie…directly, at least. He tells people things that are true, but usually only the parts that will get them into trouble. I think he finds actual lying lacking in…sophistication.

Why would someone lie when the truth can be much more destructive and misleading? Reminds me of something I realized about my own characters – sometimes the most devastating thing you can do to someone is give them exxactly what they want.

I think this is why I find trickster gods so interesting.

I’d say, almost ALWAYS, it’s far more devastating to give someone what they want. Our desires are usually not well connected to what feeds our soul. At the very least, without friction, there’s no impetus to grow. And without growing, there’s no new perspectives. No change. No life. No purpose. Getting exactly what we want, rather than discovering and creating what makes us truly happy, is not really a gift at all.

Indeed. And even in those rare cases where what we want will make us happy, sometimes happiness can be just as destructive as sadness or regret.

And sometimes devastation is about seeing what grows in afterwards, which is one of the reasons we do it to our characters.

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