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C10P35 – His ideas

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It’s fun to finally start sharing all of these little bits and pieces of Dream Eater’s background with you guys. Dream Eater is one of my favorite characters, but we’ve had relatively little opportunity to interact with the real deal yet. Seeing your reactions so far has been a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure Dream Eater would be much happier with all of you on his team of Keepers than his current lot.

One person commented about how Dream Eater would probably want to share his personal information with everyone, whereas right now we as a culture seem to be trying to figure out how to keep anything private. It made me wonder what Dream Eater would be like with a Twitter or a Facebook or a Tumblr account. What might he blog about? What would he post? What kinds of embarrassing selfies would end up on the internet? It’s a fun little thought exercise that has got me giggling a few times already. What do you think he might do? Or perhaps you have your own characters that might revel in the power of social media? What do you think they would get up to…and would they Follow each other? 🙂


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I feel like his accounts would be a sinister WikiLeaks style – constantly releasing information, but only that which embarrasses, or vilifies, or incriminates. It’s the truth, but the truth can hurt. From the powerful to the poor, but leaning towards those who would be hurt the most.

Information might want to be free, but what if it’s yours?

Okay, one: so cool you thought that much about my comment 🙂
Two: Not really the direction I was going. I figured he’d prefer a public library, maybe with an indoor amusement park to pull in the readers, discounts for people who prove they’ve checked out and read various books… Still, I do agree, Dream Eater on social media is pretty scary: as long as anybody was interested in the boatload of information he’d put out there.
As for my characters… Some of the more annoying ones would most certainly have an account with everything, and constantly use them to mess with the more respectable people of their various worlds. Heh heh.

I actually gave a WoW rp character a Twitter account for awhile. It didn’t work out because I found it awkward to tweet while also playing the game full screen, but he was verbose and academic and rather befuddled. He mostly talked about how baffled he was that everything was trying to kill him when he was just trying to make field studies of flowers. In my writings, I have a character who not only loves his setting’s version of social media, he acquires his own journalist to up his presence (he’s a social justice rabble rouser, after all).

At the moment all I can think of is how my Guild Wars 2 characters would react to social networking.

Charr, big, mechanically talented beasties that they are, would be fascinated by the phone or computer they were using to see the social network. Once they understood what was going on, the brass would build their own version of the NSA to monitor accounts of the various enemies of state (charr are not short on enemies). They would then build a counter-espionage program in which they dispersed false information about troop movements through social media. And they’d be THRILLED by instantaneous, reliable long-distance communication – IF they trusted it was secure.

Sylvari would go through all the classic motions of “twelve-year-old discovers the internet”. “Hello? Can anyone hear me?”, going through an emoticon/text color/font change for emphasis stage, keeping in obsessive contact with friends while physically separate (or in adjacent rooms). They’d eventually settle down to tweeting constantly about the new creatures and places they encountered.

Norn would use social media the same way they use every medium. To brag.

Asura would attempt to send physical objects, abstract concepts, and tastes over the internet, and probably succeed. With only minor side effects. How badly do you need your toenails anyway?

My one human character would have as little use for social media as I do.

I’ve just recently finished reading through this comic’s archives, and holy COW am I impressed! Your gestures and expressions have improved by miles from where they began in Chapter 1, not to mention your visual storytelling in general. And I’m absolutely in love with where this is going right now. Your subject matter hits all the best cords with me, and your willingness to learn and improve is refreshing beyond words.

…And Dream Eater needs a blog. This must happen.

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