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C10P34 – Accidental Corruption

C10P34 – Accidental Corruption published on 11 Comments on C10P34 – Accidental CorruptionPurchase

Dream Eater doesn’t care if you were just following instructions. Just that you’re part of the problem now.

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I’m going to take a big fat guess and assume that Dream Eater does not like it when people follow instructions instead of making their own decisions…

Annnnd you would be right. He’s not exactly a huge fan of following the rules in the place of critical thinking.

Rereading this all I can think is:

Dream Eater: I am the god of FLEEPING KNOWLEDGE do you REALLY think that what I wanted was for all knowledge about me to be HIDDEN AWAY so people could be FLEEPING IGNORANT like okay who in your order thought this was a good idea because REALLY for monks of the god of knowleddge you are REALLY GORRAM STUPID.

(Except he’d probably use much harsher words than fleep and gorram)

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