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C10P33 – Revenge

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I am Laman. In all things. I’m always going to assume the worse possible outcome. Unfortunately in this case, he’s actually right.

Random story of being a teacher’s aide of the day:

As I’m walking down the hall to the teacher’s lounge to heat up my lunch, a fourth grade student who is loitering in the hallway steps in front of me and, completely unprompted, gives me a lengthy explanation of why she is there. I blink, look at her, and reply:

“…Okay. And you’re telling me this…why?”

She shuffles her feet and responds, a little confused, “…because you were looking really suspicious.”

“Well,” I responded, “Perhaps I just have a suspicious face.”


Kids, man. Always able to make your day just a little more surreal. Any randomly weird encounters happen recently in your life?


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lol all i can say is shes lucky shes not at swipe city high with the dreaded Miss Harlow. anyhow way i was going to say before i read that is how wonderful you do shading i wish i could get the hang of this shading lark but I’m never happy with mine, yes i know practice ( but i have been at this for 30 years) 🙂

Wow I love the concept of the possession of Zhiro by Dreameater, because it allows you to DRAW him in every conceivable mood and in every conceivable posture! That is usually not possible, because a character develops a character! and thus choices have to be made what he is and what he may not be (at any given point).

That said, (I cower here), this situation entails SO MUCH PAIN I really can’t imagine how it can resolve . . . good writing, but ouch . . .

THAT said, in my own life, during the painful times, I never ever would have guessed that the waves would have subsided and my heart would be as quiet as it is now. That has a lot to do with understanding what boundaries are and what contentment comes from for me. Lucky for me, too, that my early false moves were hesitations and not commitments.

Wierd moments? too many too enumerate. So used to them they aren’t unusual any more . . .

I love the dynamic Dream Eater brings to the visuals for exactly that reason! Zhrio has a certain hesitance to his posture that Dream Eater does not. It makes for a very refreshing change.

Boundaries are something I’m still trying to learn. I didn’t grow up in an environment that taught me about healthy boundaries, or how to set them, or how to protect them. So many of the troubles I’ve found myself in have come from a lack of practice in these skills. Sometimes I despair that I’m ever going to get the hang of boundaries, but I hope someday I’ll at least get a little better.

I just moved to Seattle. I sat down at a table at my nearest Starbucks, and it turned out to be the table where people will sit down with you and start talking without any encouragement. The Ethiopian-American guy was really cool. The boring seemingly fluffy lady was alright until her husband showed up, and suddenly they both started evangelizing the Great Alien Coverup Conspiracy with utmost seriousness, and also that Muslims were awful and there was nothing good in Islam but they are totally tolerant because they have a Muslim friend. I was pretty sure when they mentioned hating Obama, that we were going to head into lizard king territory and I managed to extricate myself on the excuse that I needed to get groceries for my flatmates.

The idea of a table where people go to talk to random strangers I find both fascinating and terrifying. Mostly terrifying. I’m not so good conversing with strangers unless there’s a convention table between me and them. (I think this is because convention tables are magic and bestow confidence to the person sitting behind them…Wish I had a portable one!)

When I was in Venice, I found a glassmaker’s shop where he makes little figures for you out of glass while you watch. I don’t remember what the context was – something about cooking or gardening, maybe? But he mentioned how he or his daughter were fond of eggplants. (Something like that.) Later, walking back to the apartment we’d rented, something in the canal caught my eye. I turned to see an eggplant floating down the otherwise empty-of-obvious-refuse canal pretty much right outside the door to the apartment building. I probably would have stared at it in confusion for about half an hour if my family hadn’t pulled me into the building. It was SO surreal.

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