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C10P29 – Listen to me

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Ever had one of those dreams where no matter how hard you try to run, you never seem fast enough? And no matter how loud you yell, nobody hears you? Mizha can relate.

My brain’s feeling dry in the insightful blog department today. I worked on a commission, but I can’t talk about it much because it’s supposed to be a surprise for the recipient. I made a kid cry today, or at the very least sulk, because they pretended to cry and I told them point blank I wasn’t buying it, they needed to make better choices. And I think I made the right call, but it still made me feel terrible needing to do it in the first place. Sometimes I feel so anxious working with kids, because you just don’t know if what you say to them is going to reshape their entire world, or be completely inconsequential to their existence. There’s no way to tell and no way to know.

And I worry. Because worrying is what I do.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I love the perspective on this page.

Kids are hard. I could never work with them because they just make no sense to me.

I mistook the marks around Mizha’s eyes to be shadows in the previous pages but it’s very clear here that they’re not. They’re the same sort of markings Una has around his eyes. I wonder what the connection is. :O

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much. Kids are nothing if not adaptable, and I think a lot of the effect you may or may not have depends on how they’ll reason it out when they’re older. And hey, sometimes it’s good for children to be called out on some behaviours, because as much as you might feel awful having to do it, it could help them in the long run when they need to know how to go on.

I have some nieces, a nephew, and a son, so I am always checking out kids books. I think you might like “Ish” by Peter Reynolds. It has a bit to do with this post of yours, and a bit to do with creating art in general.

Also, I think that if you are respectful to kids and demand respect that is the best, even if it sometimes involves being tough.

I have a bad feeling that I know what she is looking at. Poor Mizha, the memories of something said or did that we knew was cruel, that one moment when we hurt someone and we can’t take it back, it leaves deeper scars on us than anything any one else can inflict. Those who haven’t done it will find that hard to imagine, won’t they?

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