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C10P24 – What comes next

C10P24 – What comes next published on 8 Comments on C10P24 – What comes next

Cory and I got back from the second Colorado Springs Comic and Toy convention, and we had an absolutely fantastic time!! Welcome to any new readers that found their way here from the event! I hope you enjoy the story, and feel free to comment any time.

I want to set up the site so I can sell the original artwork for each page, but in order to do that, the website will need to be updated a little. So, since things are already going to need some tweaking, I thought I’d also take a moment to see if there’s anything my LeyLians would like to have improved (or anything they DON’T want to go away)!

What would you like to see improved, and how?
What do you like as-is, and don’t want to have changed?

Please let me know! I can’t guarantee that every request can be met, but if I see the same thoughts coming up again and again I’ll definitely look into how to get common problems fixed.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Hmmm… that was not the reaction I was expecting… I was kind expecting her to snap at Zhiro, but I realise now that might have been out of character for her. However, whatever she did, it must have been pretty bad if its caused such a rift between her and Zhiro.

^ Yeah I was expecting her to slap him or say something unintentionally hurtful to him in her frustration, but her reaction makes me think it might be something even worse. Though I’m still betting it’s unintentional on her part. Hmm… unless Mizha was a little spiteful when she was younger; I kinda get the impression she might be up to something a little nasty because her eyes’ve been hidden from us during this sequence. THAT MAKES ME AWFULLY SUSPICIOUS.

Also, Mizha, don’t follow them! It’s what false-Dreameater wants!

As for the site, I’m happy no matter what’s done, but my personal preferences are:

-If there will be an increase in adverts, please don’t have really flashy video ones beside the comic itself. It makes comics really difficult to focus on when people do that, for me at least!
-Don’t use too many drop-down menus. The little one you have currently is no bother at all, but some sites have no many it’s impossible to navigate without accidentally visiting the wrong pages through drop-down menus lagging and appearing juuuuuust as you click.
-I also like the comments section!
-I’d love a section on magic/magical arts in the world section! Yes, this has nothing to do with site redesign, I know, but… I’d just love to see that. /random

There will definitely not be an increase in ads, and I’ve already deactivated a lot of my Google ad settings because they kept adding sound & movie ads. So no worries there!

Overall there won’t be many changes to the site (this is a tweaking, not a redesign) but I wanted to see if there was anything that was really bugging people in the existing design that could be improved. The comments will definitely stay!

Comments- keep! As for the rest, I agree with Galdethriel’s points.
Oh, and also- that is a horrible thing for Mizha to say! She may hate knowing what happens next, but its worse for the rest of us who don’t!!! 🙂

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