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C10P23 – Don’t do it

C10P23 – Don’t do it published on 4 Comments on C10P23 – Don’t do itPurchase

Trying to make plans for Phoenix Comicon in early June. Logistics are always fun. (See: Nerve-wracking.) Especially when trying to keep costs to a minimum. I really want to meet our goal of raising half the costs for book three on our own, but it’s hard when travel costs eat up the profits.

There wouldn’t happen to be any LeyLian in Phoenix Arizona that would be willing to act as host for Cory and I, would there? All we’d need is a couch or an inflatable mattress for June 5th through June 8th. And we promise to be quiet and well-behaved guests. Unless we start talking about story stuff with you, in which case we’d probably be noisy, but still well-behaved guests. If you’d be interested please email me!)


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