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C10P22 – Trust

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I wanted to share a resource with my fellow visual artist folk, or people that write for a visual media, because if you’re also introducing panel or visual direction, it applies to you too.

Flooby Nooby’s “The Cinematography of the Incredibles”

It’s possible I’ve shared this here before, but my memory is bad and it’s worth sharing again. I’ve been reading and re-reading it, and learning so much about how to improve my pages and layouts. I hope that the improvements have been, and will continue to be, noticeable. I certainly feel very proud of a lot of the recent pages. Specifically, in how to draw the eye to specific locations and what kinds of information is conveyed by different kinds of shots. This is something that I’ve read a lot about, but until this article the concepts I’d been studying just didn’t connect. It’s funny, because now that I’ve started to get the material, I can see it everywhere and it all seems really basic. Yet these seemingly simple ideas were ones that evaded me for nearly a decade. The techniques were invisible until suddenly I could see them everywhere.

Have you ever had that happen to you? What was one “light bulb moment” where something went from invisible to obvious?


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I love the colours in this page. They’re sort of simultaneously beautiful and eerie because the lighting is tainted with the red of the Dreameater imposter’s visuals. Also Zhiro is adorable in that first panel, and there’s something about his nose I really like in the last one. You’re really good at close ups. 🙂

Also I think you have posted that before, but I’m glad you posted it again. I lost the original link and could never find it again after only being halfway through reading it. And now I can finally finish reading it! My thanks. XD

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