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C10P21 – Changed my mind

C10P21 – Changed my mind published on 22 Comments on C10P21 – Changed my mind

I’m especially proud of that second to last line.  🙂

Apologies for the later-than-usual update.  ECCC got me a little turned around and I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Monday.  So I guess I played an April Fool’s day prank on myself by accident.  Conventions, man.  They’ll do strange things to your perceptions of space and time.  I blame the full-size Tardis they had.

I’ll try to get a full report on everything next week.  Right now, I just want to get this page up.  I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!!


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I wonder how much Dream Eater knows about Zhiro’s ordinary life?

…Probably quite a bit, as he’s been nomming on Zhiro’s memories.

He is the god of knowledge, after all. Knowing things is his main job. 🙂

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