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C10P17 – You’re not him

C10P17 – You’re not him published on 8 Comments on C10P17 – You’re not him

I imagine there’s a group of you that just pumped your fists in the air victoriously.  I know there’s been a few theories and observations about why the Dream Eater that Zhiro interacts with behaved so differently than the one Mizha kept seeing in her nightmares and uncontrolled Dreamings.  And now you know the reason.  They are not, and never have been, the same person.  And finally Mizha knows it too.

I started the second session of my writing class last week and I’m very excited to work with this group.  I learned a lot of things the hard way last time and got off to a much more promising start this time.  For one, I actually set some ground rules.  Or, rather, I had them set ground rules for themselves.  The entire first class was dedicated to creating an Adventurer’s Code.  I had them each write down what Rights they thought would need to be protected in order to enjoy the class.  Then we went around the circle and each person shared one of those rights.  We’d discuss it as a group, and if everyone agreed that it was important enough, it got put on the Code.  Then I had them think about what responsibilities they’d each have to ensure that each of those rights were protected for everyone.  We discussed and recorded those too.  Once we were all satisfied with our Code, everyone signed the final document.  Here’s the list of our guiding principles for the rest of the course (there’s a transcript at the bottom if you can’t read the hand-writing):


I think they did pretty well with their choices, don’t you?  🙂

Special Note!

This Friday Cory & I are launching a brand new project!  You’ll hear about it first, right here on the LeyLines site, so be sure to come back and check it out at the end of the week!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I wondered why, visually, they were different; but I thought maybe it was because the gods are perceived by whom they are viewed for; so dreameater to me might look different than dreameater to mizha.


Ah, you had me there. With Zhiro not having a notion of Dream Eater’s side in the bargain just before, I was fairly convinced it was “Your foster-sister for a bride”… I should have credited you with greater subtlety.

Let’s see how this develops !

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