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C10P15 – Magic Mirror

C10P15 – Magic Mirror published on 10 Comments on C10P15 – Magic Mirror

Last week the wonderful Shayne and Reed of ComicDish had me on their podcast! It is always such a joy to join the fine folks at the ComicDish, but this was a particularly fun interview for me. We talked about everything from the merits of Failing Faster to the difference even the smallest contributions can make to a creative project. Listen to the entire podcast here! (News & a Review are the first part of the podcast, and the interview starts at 33 minutes in!)

I’m really proud of how this page turned out. I always love doing the dream sequence pages, but some of the images I’ve done in this chapter are a step beyond what I’ve done in the past. I’m always excited when I can outdo myself a little! I hope you enjoy the results too!

What’s one thing you’re proud of that you’ve done recently?


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Once again, wow. This was beautifully done.
I love the colors, the shading, the position. So beautiful.
I definitely cannot wait to see the future pages.

And I have to jump in here, I’ve followed this webcomic for quite awhile and never really jumped in on discussions, but one thing I’m proud of is starting a webcomic of my own. Last year over the summer that was my big project, to finally get my webcomic going, but I kept postponing it. Not until in the later year of 2013 that I actually started working on the chapters with my friend, who is the writer for it. I eventually started the art work in January and decided to finally upload it in February. I’m quite proud I got that up. If my friend hadn’t pushed me, I might still be here wondering what would happen if I never got it out there.

She looks so calm and more womanly than ever before–ready. She had better be, because this is going to be a difficult ride!

I care for her so much more now; I’m happy for her, but so ambivalent about her involvement with the gods . . . sigh . . . the visionaries, the creative ones, can’t avoid it without paying another kind of cost, and she’s been suffering in that way too long.

Beautiful page work, as always. 🙂
As for something recent that I’m proud of… Howsabout we say a road trip up to Gunnison to check out Western State of Colorado University’s creative writing program? Fun, informative, and now I have proof from a published author/fiction teacher that I am, in fact, doing things right in my writing process. Yay!

The dream sequences are always gorgeous to see; I can tell you have a lot of fun doing them! 😀

I think the latest pages (coming up in a couple of weeks) for my comic actually turned out really nice too. I finally got the hang of drawing ships and I think I managed to give an upcoming scene the emotional impact I wanted.

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