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C11P12 – Good People

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Seems like we stumbled on a touchy subject here…

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve overhauled our Patreon page, adding seven new reward options! We’ve got everything from Tarot readings to comic cameos! Plus, I took a long hard look at what I wanted to put Patreon pledges to. How I could do something that was valuable for you AND every LeyLines reader.

The big push? I want to get to three times a week again.

I’ve been trying to get us back to three times a week on my own for months and months and months. And beating up on myself when, every week, all I could get done was just two pages. Then, in one of the podcasts I was recording with the Webcomic Alliance, something Byron said to me made me look at things differently. That, essentially, I was trying to do the work of seven people on my own. Writer, editor, illustrator, inker, colorist…and that there is a limit to how fast one person can do all those things on her own.

And it made me think…maybe, I didn’t have to do all this on my own. Maybe I could get some help.

So I asked Phantom, who has illustrated the covers since chapter nine, if we could work out a deal to have them supplement my coloring. If we could get Phantom up to doing 5 pages a month in addition to the two I get done every week…that would be enough. That would be enough to get us back to three times a week. And Phantom agreed to work with me.

All we need now is the funding to pay them for their work. So that’s what the current Patreon goals are all about.

If you’d like to see that happen, please take a look at the new Patreon page. Even a single $1 a month can make a big difference when lots of people chip in. In fact, we’re only $21 from the first Phantom goal right now! It may take some time, but I think together we can get this story back up to full speed. Because I don’t know about you, but I think just two pages a week is too slow!! There’s so much I can’t wait to get to, and having to crawl there is driving me crazy. If you feel the same way, please become a patron, and encourage others to do the same!


Thank you so much for being such amazing people. I love interacting with each and every one of you through your comments, and I’m so grateful for all your support. You are all so thoughtful and encouraging, and I truly believe that when it comes to readers, LeyLines is blessed with the best any story could hope to have. Thanks for sticking with me through the ups and the downs. Good times and bad, and everything in between. Cory & I are working hard to build up a dream, and we’re honored that you are here with us, even though our company is but a tiny speck right now. I hope that one day, we can create something amazing, and that you’ll still be right there with us, knowing you made it possible.

You guys all, plain and simple, rock!


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(English is not my native language)

I like how you showed us a another side of Lu Pai and Una in one page.
Now I cannot see them as just scary and clever bandits, their characters are with this page deepened.

Nice work!

(Sigh, in my native language can I express my thougts better. Hopefully was I clear enough. And if not: I am happy with this page)

I’m very glad to hear you say that! I wanted to make Lu Pai and Una feel more real in this chapter. A friend pointed out to me that, as a reader, they did not know much about either of these characters. I, knowing all about Lu and Una in my head, had forgotten that other people didn’t know them as well as I did. So a lot of this chapter is about making them into normal people, not just flat “bad guys.”

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