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C10P13 – Consequences

C10P13 – Consequences published on 5 Comments on C10P13 – Consequences

Hmm…where have we heard those particular words of wisdom before…?

I’m starting to get suuuuuper excited about Emerald City Comic Con!! It will be our first big convention of the year! Every day we hear new announcements about who’s going to be there (personally I’m pretty excited for Welcome to Night Vale) and all the neat things that will be happening! My submissions for the Monsters and Dames book made the cut, which made me giddy! AND just this week we got our table assignment for the show! We’ll be at JJ-12, which is a bit out of the way, but Cory and I will do our best to make it work!!

I really like going to conventions as an Artist, rather than an Attendee. A comic convention was the first time in my life when I felt that I was where I was supposed to be. I’d always felt out of place in life until that first day at Denver Comic Con in 2012. It was an incredible feeling, and big conventions in particular tend to remind me of that. They’re very affirming experiences for me. The excitement in the air is palpable! It’s hard not to get swept up in the enthusiasm and geek out. I’ve often described the sensation as “finding one’s Tribe,” because at a convention I am suddenly transported to a place where everyone gets my references and respond with their own. It’s as though we’re all talking in code, and only the people on the convention floor, out of all the people in the world, can crack our secret language.

If you’re in Seattle Washington, I hope you’ll stop by Emerald City Comic con, and visit us at JJ-12!

Have you ever been to a convention? What was your experience?


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I haven’t commented in a while since I follow the comic on tumblr now.
Still a loyal fan!!! I get excited at each new page that comes on my dash!

I have been to conventions! I have been to WonderCon twice and San Diego Comic Con 4 times (by some miracle I am going for a 5th time…) Emerald City is a bit out of my way unlike Wonder and San Diego Comic Con, plus I would have to stay at a hotel

I am no artist, I am a scientist, so I will never be going as a professional! (but we scientists have our own secret code!)

But I love it, I make new friends and always go with old ones, buy lots of comics of course, and meet actors, artists, and writers I admire!

Having been an Engineer for 5 years, I have some inkling of the secret science code you speak of. 🙂

I’m glad you’re still enjoying the comic! How is the following-on-Tumblr experience vs. following it here? I wish comments were easier on Tumblr. I miss having discussions like I can here.

I think nervous spiky eyebrow monk is my favorite. That would probably be me.

There’s a little anime convention at the tourist trap in Wisconsin that I’ve been two for the past two years. It’s pretty great. It’s small, which is good because I get very nervous in crowds, but there’s still quite a lot of stuff going on, and there are some really excellent panels.

When people make choices, as kids but as adults as well, they seldom think ahead to what the consequences can be. Either that, or they only visualize the part of the consequences that directly interact with where their mind is at while making that choice. I have often done something that didn’t have the outcome I expected at all, and the results are seldom pleasant. As a result, most of my parenting choices revolve around teaching my child to look ahead to where her choices lead, what all it could affect, and to be ready to take responsibility.

Don’t suppose you’re attending any cons in MO? *puppy dawg eyes*

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