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C10P11 – Bargains

C10P11 – Bargains published on 4 Comments on C10P11 – Bargains

I’ve been encountering a strange disconnect between desire and investment lately. A lot of the kids knew I was running a Kickstarter months ago, and many of them made empty (but very enthusiastic) promises to support it. I’ve had nearly a dozen children come up to me now asking when I’ll have book three ready. When I tell them we didn’t make the funding goal and thus could not print the book, many of them pout, glare, or are simply baffled and affronted that I have not managed to somehow wave a magic wand and make the book they want appear. At least with kids I understand their confusion somewhat. Money, in general, is not something they have an understanding of. They want an object, and their parents choose whether or not to procure it for them. Most of them have no real concept of cost or earnings.

However, it’s not a response that I’ve seen only in children. A few times I’ve also encountered this with adults. Occationally, I’ve been asked something along the lines of, “I want to buy your book, but I only want to buy a complete series, so could you tell me when you’ll have all the books done?” Now, for anyone that’s followed me for a while, you’ll know that I have a habit of finishing the stories that I start. So me finishing a series is fairly likely. However, whether or not I can afford to make books of the entire story depends entirely on whether or not I can sell the first few volumes in enough quantity to pay for making more volumes as the series progresses. So when all the books will be done depends largely on whether the people that want the complete series one day choose to buy the early volumes in the present. Which seems to be a connection that people, both young and old, often miss. If they don’t support the work they like, particularly the work created by independents, then it probably won’t be around in the future.

This makes the people that DO choose to take that risk and buy in all the more amazing and rare. Because they’re willing to take action today to help create a future where the stories they enjoy can not only survive, but thrive. So I wanted to take a moment to thank those that have supported this particular story and creative journey. Whether by buying a book, sending something off the wishlist, or becoming a patron. Also to those that might be limited by finances, but have instead taken the time to share the story with a friend and helped the readership grow. Your investment is so incredibly valuable, not just from a numbers stand-point, but from a personal one. It means that you believe in this story, and in my work, and you’re willing to take action to see that it grows. I am exceptionally humbled by that support and grateful for the assistance. Thank you so much!

One way or another, LeyLines will be completed, years and years from now. Your actions today will be the difference between whether it can be more than just the sum of its pages.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I love all their different reactions. Preeettty much sums up how I felt when Zhiro did that.

I believe that buying things from an independent creator is an investment, which is part of the reason I like Kickstarter so much.

My Kickstarter has been the first time I’ve tried to fundraise for my comic besides banner ads, and there’s just so much I’ve gotten from the experience of being behind a campaign. Wondering if the people who said they would support me would actually pitch in, and being floored by seeing people I didn’t even know were there swooping in and saving the entire campaign. Even if it’s only five bucks, even if you don’t know it’ll make a difference, do it. You’re an amazing part of what makes our craft worth it and you DO make a difference.

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