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C10P09 – The Keepers

C10P09 – The Keepers published on 6 Comments on C10P09 – The Keepers

I really like the Keepers. Four old men that have been working together for so long that they all know each others’ foibles and quirks, and they kinda bug the stuffing out of each other and at the same time are very comfortable with one another. That kind of dynamic is really fun to work with, where they all have a pretty good idea of what each one of them is going to say, and are prepared to give one another a hard time about it.

When I was in college, half of our dorm hall used to hang out together. Sometimes I’d get my electric kettle out and we’d have tea. We always took over a big table in the cafeteria, spending half the time eating (if you could call what they served “food”) and the other half playing pranks on each other. Tying shoelaces together, or to chairs. Replacing full water glasses with chicken drumsticks. Attempted de-pantsing. The usual shenanigans. I remember laughing a lot. And back-rub chains. At the time, it seemed like those friendships would never change. Now I look back and wish, just a little, I’d savored them more, but that might have made them less precious in the process.

Have you ever been part of a dynamic like that?

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I’ve never been part of a large group dynamic like that, unforetunately. Makes me look forward to college, though! 🙂
And… Holy cow, am I the first comment-er?

I looooove these guys! Also, I wonder what that reveal could mean. HMM.

My friends and I were like that in high school. We’ve still managed to meet up with each other once a year, which I think is pretty special, and I hope we’ll get to keep doing it in the future.

I also really like this dynamic. I hope I will have it some day in the future with my friends (we sort of have it now, but aren’t quite that old). My college friends and I do a monthly google hangout-it is really fun and I would recommend it for anyone who has a widespread group of friends!

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