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C10P07 – I want it back

C10P07 – I want it back published on 8 Comments on C10P07 – I want it back


For the most part, I don’t mind the reduced income that we’re living on since I changed jobs. Yes, I fret about bills more than I used to, and we’ve made some lifestyle changes, but for the most part I feel so much happier and healthier in my teaching job than I ever did in engineering. So the changes don’t bother me much. However, the one thing I really miss is being able to buy books. Specifically reference books, which are best when you can own them, ready to be referred back to when the need is greatest. Lately I’ve found myself pulling them up on Amazon, adding them to the cart, and then closing the window just short of check-out. It’s not in the cards right now for us. But then I thought, perhaps there’s a LeyLian or two that might want to give the gift of knowledge?

Help this comic become even better! Contribute a book from the Amazon.com Wish List!

If you’re curious, please take a look! At the very least, you might find some good book recommendations for your own research needs, as many of these were put on the list at the advice of other artists and writers. Primarily the list contains books to help me improve my artwork or writing craft, although I’ve also added several research volumes for the super-secret second story Cory & I are working on. And, if you’re more of a nuts-and-bolts person, ink and paper never go amiss. 🙂

As always, thank you for all your support, good will, and kindness, in whatever form that may be. So much of the progress I’ve made has been a direct result of LeyLian suggestions and assistance. I hope to continue delivering an ever-better story, in both artwork and writing, for you to enjoy!


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Have you enabled third party address sharing? I’m trying to get something off the list for you, but I don’t know what shipping address to enter, and Amazon isn’t automatically filling it in with the one associated with your account. I have no problem with manually entering it in, but we need to know what to put down if that’s the case.

Thanks for letting me know about this Sorrel, I had no idea about the third party address sharing! I think I’ve got the settings right now. Please let me know if the problem is fixed!

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