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C10P05 – Forgotten

C10P05 – Forgotten published on 4 Comments on C10P05 – Forgotten

Yes, Zhiro, I’m sure it is. And you have totally not been dwelling on it. At all. Ever. Not even to your nightmare doppelganger.

Part of the mourning rituals depicted here are to take strips of paper with prayers written on them for the deceased, burn them, and add the ashes to the bowl of water on the shrine. Modern Itsuri society explains this as a way to send messages to the Rainbow Goddess, regarded as an agent of mercy, to make pleas on behalf of the dead. However, you may also notice some similarities to the setting sun ritual wherein sage and other herbs are burned and mixed with water in a bowl decorated with Waiziki (the directional opposite of Raviki) symbols.

Why? Well, I’ll leave that for you to ponder, but I will say that I’ve always found religions and traditions fascinating when you look at them from a historical stand-point. Both on a personal level and a global level. Some traditions stretch back hundreds and hundreds of years, often reinterpreted and adapted and removed from their original context. Other times a tradition can undergo transformation within a family, changing as the needs and situation of the family changes. It can be as obscure as the original cultural context and symbolism surrounding raisins in the Bible, or a shift in who hosts Christmas dinner. I find it interesting what aspects get kept and which are forgotten or tweaked. Or, in some cases, what stays rigidly the same from one generation to the next, and how that preservation is pulled off. I guess it all comes down to what each person found valuable, and what they sought to maintain.

What family traditions have you seen change over the years?


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Mizha’s not the only one who’s bad at speaking the truth.


It’s, like, I just want to SHIP them, but it’s so COMPLICATED and you make the development so GOOD and I am just tied in KNOTS.

Out of curiosity, how far are we into the story?

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