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C10P01 – That can’t be right

C10P01 – That can’t be right published on 2 Comments on C10P01 – That can’t be right

I find it a little funny that I care far more about imaginary architecture trends in this made-up world than actual architecture in our world. I mean…I like looking at interesting architecture, but when I try to actually focus on it, it’s like my brain gets a little fuzzy and can’t really stay on-topic about it. I just sort of absorb the feeling of it, and eventually it might show up in a drawing somewhere and I won’t know how that particular image got there. I was looking at some photos of a place in Spain the other day, and realized that it was a strong influence on how I illustrated Tamapa’O, but it hadn’t been an intentional imitation. In the end, all work is derivative of what we’ve seen, experienced, and absorbed. That’s part of why I recommend to people that want to be fantasy writers that they research everything and anything that isn’t fantasy. The more you know about physics, biology, history, chemistry, anatomy, zoology, anthropology, psychology, the more believable your world will be. And the more conscious your choices in what laws of nature to observe or ignore.

Speaking of world-building, Cory and I have been doing a lot of development work on the next OCT we’ll be holding this year. Instead of keeping everything hush-hush, this time we’re releasing all our concept work as we go. Eventually we’ll finalize it all and pick and choose what parts make the final cut, but if you’d like to watch my world-building process in action, you might want to go to Deviant Art and watch the Moko-OCT account. Here’s a few samples of what’s been posted so far:


What topics of study have influenced you?


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It’s easier to answer the question ‘what topics of study HAVEN’T influenced you?’, for me. I often find myself settign out to research one specific thing and ending up on massive spans of research taht take up entire nights, and show up years later in trivia mentioned by different characters. I’ll be writing and then I’ll read back what I’ve written and find connections to novels I read almost a decade ago, things that crop up in unexpected places, like a whole fanfiction I didn’t realize until later was inspired by a single paragraph in a book of a completely different genre.

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