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C09P49 – Cuz you’re not

C09P49 – Cuz you’re not published on 11 Comments on C09P49 – Cuz you’re not

Well, turns out the only thing wrong with my computer is it is possessed by the spirit of an irritable opossum that wants me to get out of the house more. This is the second time my computer has pulled this “Oh, I’m so sick, I can’t even charge, I’m going dim, I can’t see *cough cough cough*” routine, only to act perfectly normal and fully functional once I’ve taken it in and waited in line at the local Apple store. It’s like it wants to return to Macca. (Yes, I know that was a terrible pun.) Good news is that it is now acting totally normal again. For now. Until it gets bored again. Technology sometimes has a remarkable amount of orneriness in it, for inanimate objects.

Have you ever had a possession with personality before? What did it do?


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Just a random thought: maybe your home power is faulty? I’ve heard that electronic equipment can be very touchy if the voltage or frequency is off, if the waves are not sinusoidal, if there aren’t enough amps available on the circuit …

Surge protectors (or UPSes) can help, but power strips *without* a surge protector can make things worse.

You can tell that something is wrong (either with the house or with your equipment) if the power brick gets hot. Even under heavy usage, it should never become more than slightly warm normally.

When something is wrong, the capacity of your battery will decrease rapidly, but most battery monitors will not continue showing 100% even though it’s less than it was originally. Look for something in mAh, numbers between 2500 and 4500 are typical.
(The capacity of your battery will also decrease the more you use it instead of the power cord. The old wisdom “it’s good to fully discharge and recharge the battery” does NOT apply to lithium ion batteries, it’s actually harmful)

(this is a new laptop, so no degradation yet. It’s usual to have a number around 95%; 70% is dying; and 50% is the generally accepted guideline for “your batter sucks, buy a new one” which is all that most battery monitors will say)
(this is a Linux command, I have no idea how to do it on OS X unless you use a Linux LiveCD)
% acpi -V
Battery 0: Full, 100%
Battery 0: design capacity 2592 mAh, last full capacity 2592 mAh = 100%
Adapter 0: on-line
(snip thermal stuff)

It would not surprise me if it was a faulty wiring issue (we’ve already found problems with wiring elsewhere in the house) and the problem did occur immediately after I plugged it into a new strip I bought. I thought I’d gotten a surge protector, but I bought it in a hurry and didn’t look closely at the label. It’s possible I got a power strip instead. Thanks so much for the information — I had no idea on a lot of that!

My tarot cards are rather rude and belligerant, but considering their medium… :p Over the years, I have had a lot of objects take on ‘personalities’, I think it is only natural(ish) as any given object corresponds with people and becomes a fixed item in a home, or office. Even if it isn’t possessed, we start to attribute personality traits to it. ‘Oh, don’t use THAT copier, it only likes Carl, and jam on everyone else.’, or ‘Whenever we take a long trip, the car acts up the second we get home! Guess the old boy wasn’t ready to come back.’

I get the feeling that Kali is, like, two inches from falling back to sleep right here…

I get like that at work. I am very possessive of the flat-tops in the back because they’re only a year old. It doesn’t take much to protect them from getting beat up, butttt at the same time, everyone seems determined to beat them into an early grave.

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