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C09P48 – Twang!

C09P48 – Twang! published on 4 Comments on C09P48 – Twang!

The harp Mizha is playing is modeled off of the Reverie Harp, created by Musicmakers. With Pentatonic tuning, there is no “wrong” way to play the instrument. All the strings are tuned to produce notes that harmonize with other notes. And I dearly want one, but alas, am now poor. Such is life. At least I can give Mizha one.

I really miss having a piano. Whenever I was in a distraught mood, I could always just play away a lot of my distress. I took lessons for years, but in terms of skill when it came to replicating songs from sheet music, my skill peaked a few years in. Memory was no good, you see. No matter how many times I would sit down to play a piece I’d been working on, it always felt like the first time I’d seen it. I never felt like I could ever really polish a piece. Improvisation, on the other hand, required no polish or memory. Just flowing with the sounds, good or bad, and letting the melodies appear as they would. Or wouldn’t. I’ve tried with keyboards, but they lack the dynamic volume, the weight of the keys, and the flow of the pedals. I have discovered that the school I work at has a piano, and sometimes I’ll sit down and play when I’m early and the students have yet to enter the building…but inevitably one of the staff comes by and peers over my shoulder as I play, and it’s not the same kind of experience with someone staring at me. I feel like I have to make only good notes and good chords, which dampens a lot of the therapeutic effects of just playing on my own. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford a small piano again. It certainly would be nice to bring making music back into my life again.

What’s something that you’d like to bring back into your life?


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I want to start playing guitar again! I have a beautiful Big Baby Taylor that’s been sitting in a closet for the last few years. I was always too busy, especially since playing takes a lot of work for me (my hands are honestly too small for a guitar neck, and two of my fingers on my chording hand are not straight; perhaps I will try to learn to chord with the wrong hand…). I need to get it out, restring it, and get back to playing it. I did open up the case and check on it a couple weeks ago, and it’s in pretty good shape despite the neglect.

People who constantly apologize simultaneously annoy and depress me, because on the one hand constantly apologizing just makes everyone feel bad, but on the other hand, I recognize that the person in question has probably never been taught to advocate for their needs. Or is a passive-aggressive jerk. It’s about fifty-fifty.

I’d like to get into drawing again–not because I ever think I’ll be particularly good at it, but just because it was soothing. It’s much easier for me to get caught up in drawing than it is for writing. When I write, I can turn out fast, clean copy that I’m usually happy with, but I can only manage that for short bursts. When I draw, it takes me hours to get anything I’m even semi-pleased with, but at the same time, my brain shuts off more quickly and for a longer period.

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