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C09P43 – My Lord Idiot

C09P43 – My Lord Idiot published on 8 Comments on C09P43 – My Lord Idiot

This will probably be the only time Tama lets Zhiro get away with calling him “my Lord,” as Tama is far more comfortable being called an idiot than he is with the honorific.

You ever feel like every time things are starting to look a little bit up, the world kicks you in the ribs again? I’ve been feeling that way about my health for the past two months. I once heard the phrase “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” and boy do I believe that now. It started with a cold. Just a simple cold. And it lingered for four weeks or so, but I thought I was getting better. Then BAM! New symptoms! Add fever and vomiting to coughing and sneezing. Then SMACK! Ribs in incredible pain to the point that I thought I’d broken them. This finally sends me into the doctor (after two weeks of stubbornness) at which point they give me antibiotics ROUND ONE which knocked out half the symptoms, but then the other half started making a comeback. So I went in again, they gave me a new set, I’ve been on it for nine days and then suddenly HELLO HIVES SO NICE TO SEE YOU ALL OVER MY BODY! What’s this? My throat is swelling? How lovely, this is exactly how I wanted to start my Sunday…soooooo now I’m back to feeling horrible all over again, but this time it’s due to developing an allergic reaction to the medication I’ve been on to fix the other problems I’ve been trying to recover from.

My life lately has just felt like a pattern of a few days consisting of “I’m going to get my life together!” followed by a month of crisis and disaster. Then another few days where I think yet again that I might have a reprieve to set things in order…and then another round of insanity hits and I’m trying to stay above water again.

Forget the gadgets and geegaws that every store has been peddling since Black Friday. All I want for the holidays is my health and a little free time.

How would you like your holiday to go?


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Yeeowch, that sucks bigtime. Get well soon, Robin! Being THAT sick in the first place is bad enough, but allergies on top of that are evil incarnate.

And I definitely feel your pain when it comes to the cycle of “Yay, I can get my act together now!” followed by life going “NOPE.” That’s usually my experience with schoolwork. And introversion. For some reason, every time it seems like I’m finally able to interact with fellow humans without collapsing, something like a holiday happens and I end up shoved in a house with nonstop human contact. After the first ten minutes of every day I want to curl up somewhere dark and sleep for a month.

I would like your holiday, Robin, to be full of stress-relief and rest and recovery. And I would like mine to include a quiet bubble of solitude. XD

PS: All hail our great Lord Idiot. I love it.

I am amazed beyond belief at how you continue to post comics when you’re writhing in agony. I sure wouldn’t be able to! You’re a hell of a strong woman and I hope you feel better soon!

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